Improve the PR value to learn to endure loneliness

is unremittingly improve

recently Google continuously update the PR value and so many new owners from the return of the PR value of the degree of concern and attention, although the PR for the current Chinese station who has to do is not very useful, but many do foreign trade station or the British friends still still attaches great importance to PR, after all, have a higher the PR value also can have good rankings in Google, ranked by importance to get high quality flow. Well, nonsense not say, today we talk about how to enhance the stability of rapid PR.

PR is a long process, don’t want to bite into a big fat man, even if really "fat", that is virtual "fat", a few days will be down, oh, so I advice you webmaster friends do this, I hope all of you in the Shanghai dragon website is helpful. Thank you

thank you!

not eager to enhanceThe latest

3: PR

webmasters do in a few months before the full interest, but when they find themselves hard to do for a few months and the content of the PR value chain still not ascend up when to give up the site, actually improve PR requires not only time, more unremittingly, 10 million don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying! If you insist on publishing and every day the chain, long time website still haven’t any dynamic, that should check the site itself if there are problems, identify problems and timely treatment, so as to achieve the

many webmaster to rapidly improve the PR value of the site will be crazy to buy high quality outside the chain, in fact it is very dangerous, once you no longer to buy these links, your site will face all kinds of love from Shanghai Google or punishment. Google claims to be severely punished and the recent purchase link webmaster, so please think twice before buying links in the webmaster! Eat hot tofu

too late!

English station do a lot of friends will ask me why their station for two months, and every day to keep the chain and the site of the PR, but always does not rise up. Oh, in fact, this is very normal, just for the new station, I personally think that PR need about half of the time at least, if you insist on the chain and content every day, so after the first half of your results should be PR in about 2 – 4, even more good luck and technical webmaster can PR do 5 in half a year. So I hope not anxious, slowly to everyone in the society do the PR value, one step at a time!

2: upgrade PR best buy links


1: PR

!Please keep the link, the first A5 贵族宝贝


Inspired from shop No. 1 by the marketing strategy



"one of the chopsticks is easy to break, the ten chopsticks difficult to break" whether the individual owners or small enterprises, individual combat capability may be better than any big companies and the optimization of the team, but shuangquannandi four. In recent years, the increasingly fierce competition in all walks of life and many companies will expand the business and the development of the Internet as a personal webmaster position, more and more difficult to survive for a long term partner is very important, but do not like the Jingdong and Shentong part company each going his own way.

the customer is clear, it is necessary to solve the customer to buy from you instead of buying competitors at the value orientation. Think carefully about the impression of Lafite studio has three advantages: preferential prices, good service, good shooting technique. We must choose the positioning of the competition and lack of user demand, otherwise it will be difficult to grow.

, thank you!


account is created in May this year, the studio site is new sites in the Xi’an area is very low visibility. At present the customer source: either friends, or the internet. Rely on a friend’s power is very weak because of a person’s life just a wedding, so the network is currently the focus of. The website optimization work has been basically completed, to break the bottleneck to self positioning, customer segmentation, brand building policy.

small, recently has been for a wedding photography website optimization, although the commitment to customers in Shanghai keywords basic love home, but the wedding photography industry is very competitive. Shanghai to promote the flow of basic love robbed, to the following day only a few IP, there is no way to explain to customers. Today, inadvertently, see an article about the 1 store marketing strategy as follows. Xiaobian feel after reading for the website optimization and click into place, with new ideas.

80, 90 will marry and have married the intentions of the user, the romantic and fashion trend of young love. So the promotion should be a goal for marriage forum and Xi’an local forum marriage rather than wide section.

In this paper,

prepared by the Xi’an personal portrait 贵族宝贝ilove-v贵族宝贝/ A5 first, thank you for reading. Please take the link from

so that I can learn from the No. 1 store marketing strategy to implement

service object The

any enterprise or team is not perfect, we will walk as a rival and friend, use them to examine their own shortcomings and deficiencies, through the comparison of our advantages and better development. Companies do good, do it to Tian Ji horse to learn, maybe we are not as rivals overall is good, but for a strategy of success.

2, the value of

How to optimize the real estate website to attract consumers

for the past few years, the most popular industry, but a very good development prospects of the industry of real estate industry, but with the increase of competition, wants to obtain the trust of consumers and increase brand exposure, not easy matter, as a real estate website, how to attract more consumers?

second, website layout attractive

first, correct the cognitive characteristics of


in the fierce competition in the real estate industry, if you want to quickly recognize your customers, you must have insurmountable characteristics, for example: just need the disk, high-end disk, green is good, good property and some other characteristics, combining these features, to make their own products propaganda, enhance consumer impression, also can let the customer through some accurate keywords, you can quickly find, so as to produce benefits.

The change of information


of the real estate industry is very fast, after all, subject to all aspects of national policy support and restrictions, so the latest information for the purchase of preferential policies of the state and the new project, we have to first time on the website, twenty-first Century as an information era, everyone for information on the Internet very interested high, but also more in line with the living habits of modern people. So grab the attention of customers, you will win the hearts of customers. If the new information is not a long time to update the site, not only make a lot of intention of customer churn, will make a lot of customers have great doubts about the strength of the company, after all, in the purchase of housing, the overall strength of the real estate, but also need a little investigation.

Third, actively update the contents of

intense competition in the real estate industry, if there is not an attractive site, then it is easily ignored by consumers, after all, the real estate industry in the hearts of many people, money is still very strong. For the layout of the site, according to the needs of their market selling point, to carry out publicity. Also need to layout according to consumer concerns, so as to better attract them, deepen mutual trust.

real estate website is not only to attract customers, but also to let customers for their more efficient, cautious trust, real estate business, is the choice of many consumers. Buy a house is a big thing, then choose the reliable real estate is also a lot of consumers are most concerned about things, so, from the official start, let the customer know yourself better.

Liu Jinge two do Shanghai dragon first will do the following

in such a position in which you just play with keyword links, preferably in the front at the beginning, when writing the writing good, generally only at the beginning of the best add a keyword is enough, but at the end you can add one or two, the end of which a keyword keyword can be a can and at the beginning of the same, but another is not the same as the beginning of keywords, this effect will be better than what we are without or with too many links too much better.

time and adds the link text, but we also want to add some intermediate link text? If added will have better effect? For this problem I also give you no definitive answer, I can add to the middle part of the link text keywords, also can not add. And my advice is best not to add some links in the middle of the text, because text reader is content, if we add too many links for readers will feel tired, this website friendliness is not so good. So, the middle and it depends, the article is very long words and an anchor text link; the article is not too long if you don’t.

for example keywords you do now is: Net decoration furniture decoration house decoration on the three words for you every update 3 articles, two articles can be ranked in the following key words in the front of the title plus last one can easily get the title of your creative.

is the first two title of the article must take back a keyword, and the keywords must be especially attractive to the eye, so out of the effect is that others to look more attractive and a look at other articles to help visitors increase residence time on the site. Because customers only stay on the site for a long time it is possible to find the maximum benefits of the site, in order to achieve the ultimate result of the sale.

we can update the article in time appropriate at the beginning of the article with appropriate keywords on the link, end with a keyword also a link, to ensure that at least two words or the same and the article you can put the main keywords a word or two words or more words in the title in front of the. This time he saw a spider crawling in correlation to crawl content more quickly and effectively. Below I for example:

we say a little more detail is in every article, and how to add keywords there,


as a webmaster, every day we have to update our website a lot of information about. In the process of editing also need to pay attention to a lot of places, such as pay attention to update the article in the alt attribute of typos, photos, or website internal links. However, how to edit in order to achieve the best effect? I to tell you about the following:

first content and the title of the standard

We update the

YesGlobal Nanshan entrepreneurship contest final competition in the UK division finalsWant to become

online to do Witkey, there are two ways to make money, one is to undertake tasks to make money, and one is to make marketing partners to make money.

to undertake the task of making money, need to rely on real skills. You need to have expertise in design, procedures, planning, and so on. To undertake planning and programming tasks in a task China website I half a year ago, earned nearly 10 thousand yuan, of which the Witkey task 8 standard, 3 standard bidding task, quick task by the employer asked 2 times, up nearly 9000 yuan, equivalent to 3 more than a month wages.

choosing a secure site does not necessarily make money. I think it’s critical to choose the right way to make money. Here to recommend 6 kinds of authentic and reliable way to make money online, want to make money friends may wish to make use of their own resources and ability to try.

Winners List:

as one of the judges in the London senior lawyer Shen Hui lawyers said that the patent and registration details, need to invest some time and energy, good layout, hope more students can through professional counseling, or help UVIC British education students visa center super famous enterprises and other channels, as soon as possible protection for business the structure of their own and the patent that can be assured of internationalization in the future development process, and reduce the loss of intellectual property, get more investors.

Britain has the advantages of Britain, such as simple registration companies, less interference by policies, fair competition environment, small and beautiful market, very suitable for the initial cultivation of the company. For example, the head of the participating intelligent biotechnology group said, "in the Bionics Biology field of the project, the mature is the United Kingdom.". Although the UK market is not large, it helps to penetrate the markets of other countries."

projects differ at different stages in selected countries. Most of the technology research and development teams are willing to choose the UK business in the early stages, because the legal aspects are relatively perfect and better patent protection can be obtained.

, Taobao, pat and other large trading platform is the first choice for you shop, you can sell clothing, jewelry, toys, books and so on, but you have to prepare the premise of supply. No supply of friends, if you really want to shop online, you can also help others sell goods, profit from them, this is also a good choice.

second: touch zero


first: shop online and sell things.

third: build your own personal website, rely on advertising to make money,

Making money on the The London Office of The

Hardware: check whether the site has a business license, a certificate of telecommunications business approval, payment methods, and detailed contact address. If there is a need to advance the franchise fees, I suggest that you do not go.

entrepreneurship, VS work,

second: Internet to do Witkey power to make money.

network has become a reality for many people. It’s so enviable to stay home and make an enviable living. However, for the initial network gold novice, first must learn to choose a secure web site, don’t sleepwalk was cheated out of his money. I suggest you go to regular websites to make money, income guaranteed. Here, the author teaches you two ways to see through informal websites.

the morning of September 16th, Nanshan District people’s Government of Shenzhen city by the host, the Global Youth Entrepreneurs Association YESGlobal, UVIC UK visa Education Center hosted the Nanshan entrepreneurship contest British division "and" innovation Nanshan 2016 venture Star Contest the finals come to an end.

third: Lysth kindergarten

to build a personal website, a lot of people not only do webmaster hidden, you can also have some traffic on the site after the advertising to make money, this is a lot of people win amateur paid jobs.

where is China and Britain working well,

marketing partners need to make money to have a wealth of network resources. Recommend friends, release tasks, or recommend friends to undertake tasks, you can get the corresponding commission.

No. 1: intelligent biotechnology

teams have talked about the success of the Nanshan entrepreneurship competition, and compared the advantages of Sino British entrepreneurship. As students studying in the UK, they also give their views and opinions on entrepreneurship and job hunting.

of course, the size of the market and capital is still better in china. China’s demographic dividend, scale, and corresponding purchasing power are unmatched by any other country in the world. In China, any product has a very favorable operating space, and huge market capacity.

this competition final takes the sea song direct promotion pattern. Participants have the idea, the organizers will give free tutor training before the fast track way. In the final, the team will perform 15 minute presentations, and the judges and the team will have 5 minutes of questions and answers. High tech, the application of materials is the highlight of the British division. The application of new educational theories and models in western countries also challenges the old educational models in china.

website is really Wangzhuan, since personal network > once the most NB

online shopping has become the mainstream shopping methods, so many people have grasped the efficient way of online marketing. According to informed sources, now many individual bosses, government workers, white-collar workers, college students and so on, they all use their spare time to do business online, but also fruitful.

"give me 100 thousand pounds, and I won’t give up my business," said an entrepreneur who failed to reach the final

Li Xuepeng Z-BLOG add the bread crumbs navigation

first step: landing Z-BLOG background or FTP files b_article-single.html


, 4, Shanghai will have noble baby love breadcrumb into search results, so the optimal name breadcrumb navigation at every level, the use of multiple keywords, can optimize the Shanghai dragon.

story is a cup of Kazakhstan, but we must know that the breadcrumb navigation is doing, is to find a directory, back to the initial position. Then a breadcrumb appears in the website as shown:

a long time ago, at the edge of the forest there lived a poor woodcutter, his wife and two children alone with him. His son named Haensel, daughter named gelaite. Later, his wife died, he married a stepmother to children. The stepmother plans to put the two children to the depths of the forest, and then run away when they are asleep. Haensel accidentally know the stepmother’s plan, then secretly put a piece of bread in his pocket. On the way to the forest, and quietly crumbled his bread, when the ground is not stopped, the broken bread crumbs on the road. After successfully when the children are asleep, wake up, Hansel and Gretel is dark. Haensel comforted his sister said: "the sun comes out, we will see me the crumbs of bread on the ground, it will show us the way home." But when the sun rose, on the ground they couldn’t find a crumb of bread, they are those flying in the woods and fields on a little bird pecking.

3, provides a quick return on every level entrance, convenient operation.

Z-BLOG is not a breadcrumb default, today Li Xuepeng will teach you how to set up the bread crumbs navigation:

Z-BLOG content page navigation method:

1, allowing users to understand the current location, and the location of the current page in the website of.

second steps: open the file in Notepad:



as shown in figure CMS, many large sites or forum are above the breadcrumb like this, then a breadcrumb what


shown above my breadcrumb distribution in the content page and column page. How to modify the template to see this article:

may have friends will ask what is the breadcrumb navigation, so I give you a story:

2, reflects the hierarchy of website, can help users quickly learn and understand the content and organization, so as to form a good sense of position.

< > method to modify the generic templateToday I talk about

Love Shanghai alliance label cloud advertising by the merchant into the search page page for polymer

are in advertising, so why change will improve the user experience, a lot of friends may be very puzzled. But we do not.

recently I found from many sites advertising click tag cloud is no longer jump to before business information aggregation page, but directly transferred to love Shanghai general search page, this page has more than two auction search results. That is to say the user from the common website click on the tag cloud advertising, equivalent to the user in the love of Shanghai home enter a keyword for this tag cloud on advertising.


in the middle of the domestic grassroots webmaster, most recognized by everyone or two big Internet giant advertising products, is the world’s largest search engine Google alliance and Google’s largest search engines love Shanghai’s love of Shanghai alliance. The former is usually a lot of grassroots Adsense used because no record can apply for and the price is relatively reasonable, and the latter is everyone to choose to use the same in addition to price is relatively reasonable and is more in line with our operating habits.

, from the business information aggregation page directly to the search page, the user experience is improved.


for many grassroots Adsense, our main source of income is advertising, why? Because we like to do grassroots web site scale was relatively small, and even if we have the original ideas for the operation is also very difficult to have some commercial channels to do something. At the same time, it is because we are relatively small, so our website advertising is very few businesses that direct investment, but through the so-called advertising alliance as an intermediary to advertising.

for the love of Shanghai alliance in the industry giants such made, to the grassroots webmaster or even all users may have a special meaning. Such a shift means what? Love Shanghai alliance, why make such a change?

Any adjustment of

custom tag cloud this form of advertising because of its size can be custom site managers, can be applied to different dimensions of advertising, so many sites have rapid application, of course website directory website I also use this form of advertising. The tag cloud the previous model is advertising, the user clicks on the ads in the common tag cloud on the site, and then enter the business polymerization page; at that time actually put the user to a small ads everywhere page, then if you are interested in the content will eventually open the promotion of business website.

I remember when I apply for

love Shanghai league from 2012, when to open the small station in addition to advertising network alliance and new business advertising, the so-called new business advertising is actually for the love of Shanghai alliance of large customers to promote more accurate, then the new business under the line advertising. Shortly after the advertising network alliance adds a custom which is called tag cloud form of advertising.


Love Shanghai how to check Google snapshot time can use it

snapshot of the problem here, of course we can be interested in the use of Senior Citizen Search, at least not for harassment, we feel that



said that although Google has been unable to access, but some friends because of the special of the website also needs access to Google, for such problems, how do we solve it? Of course, a friend said the wall can be accessed. Then there are other methods for this problem before? Guard Yuan Kun also mentioned.

or sentence: we encounter the problem is not a problem, because some people have encountered and solved. If you have a problem you can love all sorts of strange things, Shanghai looking for the answer. You can also turn to universal users. I believe we can find a satisfactory answer.

there is market demand, the demand for all of Google, there is a magical site of Shanghai Google search together: love. 贵族宝贝bai noble baby du贵族宝贝/.


did?For the love of Shanghai

guardian Yuan Kun, Hubei network marketing consultant, real name network marketing people from the media. Focus on network marketing, micro marketing, website of Shanghai dragon at diagnosis, marketing. QQ WeChat: 1029079293.

universal users always solve the problems such as strange and eccentric, have asked the friend in the group today: love Shanghai cancel snapshot of time, we have no method to check the snapshot time. Then a friend posted love Shanghai Senior Citizen Search: 贵族宝贝123.baidu贵族宝贝/.

said that although the base station groups in reducing, more and more friends playing micro-blog, WeChat and other mobile Internet products, but overall there are millions of giant base station. In this group there are still concerned about the vast majority of friends love Shanghai, because the search engine is one of the main source of traffic sites. Love Shanghai March 6th announcement that the snapshot time has been cancelled, the owners didn’t say what relationship, have said there is affected, and the lack of a basis for determining the.

Internet has become more and more intelligent, because of the Internet and the upgrading of products, many of the functions we have slowly can not be used. Like the QQ one-way problem, we still remember the QQ can be friends with yourself? Of course it is past, today still love Shanghai and Google Guardian yuan Kun to say.

April 9, 2009 love Shanghai launched the world’s first special services to the elderly people’s search product. The medical and health website weather, the elderly commonly listed on the same page, click directly to find the desired content. Most importantly, guardian yuan Queensland found Senior Citizen Search not for show, we think of what

June 24th Shanghai update net Wangzhuan feel love

their ranking did not rise but drop, which is worth thinking about. The best way is to look at those rankings station, look at others to stand. Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! In fact, on the whole, there are two reasons, one is lazy, two others is also hard than you. Through the webmaster tools to check the website snapshot, website, website chain actually know what the lack of. When there is no ranking first, every day to write original articles, send the chain, when their first suddenly relaxed, a little smug feeling, no longer updated website, not to advertise their sites, some become lazy, the ranking is a natural thing down.

net Wangzhuan reprint keep the link

Original: 贵族宝贝

Wangzhuan also so, if the world where entrepreneurship is the most fair, I feel that the network. You don’t need a deep relationship, do not need too much background, but do not need abundant capital. You only need a computer, a network cable can be opened. You can also set up shop on the net, also can do optimization promotion, can learn to do wangzhuan. Just need you to do it every day. At present, the survey Wangzhuan God helps those who help themselves! Like SkyDrive, game, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and so on these projects, as long as you work hard can earn money.

this day Shanghai was updated, Wangzhuan nets ranking is still not improved. Go to Admin5 forum to learn every day, the love of Shanghai update seems to become the Shanghai dragon Er topic of discussion, some owners said his ranking, some say down, anyway also pregnant and worries. And the people said "love Shanghai and ventilation", some say "love Shanghai algorithm is rubbish". But anyway, I personally still feel we need to look for their own reasons. Love Shanghai we are unable to change, we can change our own.

Shanghai dragon has no permanent rank, no eternity Wangzhuan ranking, any lazy person, any progress, will be eliminated by the network army. Love Shanghai adjustment algorithm can only be more and more focus on user experience, more and more of the best site to pick up, predict the future of the network will net Wangzhuan station is outstanding more and more outstanding, less garbage station. Although the Wangzhuan industry is filled with many user experience unfriendly Wangzhuan site and forum, but will be more and more outstanding, more and more little liar station.

Love Shanghai is constantly changing, and to protect the interests of users and Consumers Associatio

still remember that moment 2012 Qihoo 360 turned out, carrying 360 security browser huge user group, at the beginning of the line to get 10% users, this is not a love Shanghai profound understanding to the crisis. In 360 launched a comprehensive search, is one of the main attack love Shanghai medical promotion contains a large number of false information, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The love of Shanghai Consumers Association jointly largely in order to prevent the false promotion damage to love Shanghai own brand, with more high quality service to win customers sincere support.

today the dragon in the search site keywords "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon optimization", inadvertently found the right column notice love Shanghai link at the top of the eye-catching, love in Shanghai and association jointly launched the "love Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users to help users search better against business counterfeiting, fraud, and effectively protecting consumers the legitimate rights and interests. Dragon changed a few search terms that only keywords will produce marketing activities, love of Shanghai will be in the right is at the top of the Shanghai Association and show love to remind you of your sign, as shown in figure

the love Shanghai and China Consumers Association jointly launched the "love Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users, can be described as" >

false information whether the traditional marketing or network marketing, are repeated things, there is always someone in the money, the lure of profit and damage public profit. Although the state has promulgated a series of laws and regulations, but some smart people can always find loopholes in the law. The network the same, although love Shanghai more than once to take various measures to prevent the adverse information on the platform, the participants always take the combination of guidance and punishment, guide the direction of the development of respect the rights and interests of consumers. Today, with a large area of development Haitong sitemap permissions, Adsense website crawl, determine the site so as to better conform to the requirements of Shanghai love. To take to support the strategies of quality website love Shanghai always do, but for the infringement of the interests of users of the site is ruthless punishment, of course harming things have occurred.

in China since Google quit after Shanghai became the field of search engines love fully deserve leader, "there is a problem, love Shanghai" is generally more popular choice. With the increase of search engine market position in the life of the people, huge economic benefits to attract some businesses through false bidding promotion earn huge profits, in violation of the rights and interests of the customers but also do harm to the good image of love in Shanghai. Although the love before and Shanghai through a lot of rectifying the medical industry, launched the spark program to encourage principle, advocate the webmaster in optimization to optimize the formal methods, even at the right down through the K station, no medical qualification shall not participate in the auction business strategy, but some people dare to rush into danger in front of the profits. Through to love Shanghai local agents, or by means of optimization, make the site in the Shanghai home of love, the love of consumer trust and profit from Shanghai.