B2C search in the station (two) for you who do not understand the technology

goes through an article: B2C search in the station one, continue to consider the following issues:

What does

3 allow users to search for?

more obvious, the general content of the B2C web site is the goods, plus some news bulletins and help articles. For platform based websites such as Taobao and Jingdong, because of supporting store in store, the content also includes shops and brands. Content is simple, usually is simple to do the content "search partition", the purpose of the partition is not let users in the same search results list, both see commodity display, and see the article and shop display.

Taobao mall has two areas: goods and stores,


1688 has three partitions: products, companies, and information about


watercress default search is

regardless of area


said that the current mainstream B2C site search content is only merchandise, brands or shops are classified as attributes of goods, search is not the basic partition.


allows users to search for goods only. What components does the user usually search for?

here, I’m divided into 3 levels: A, B, C,  ,


serial number

component name



merchandise Title



brand (or manufacturer)






various attribute specifications (such as color, size, etc.)



number (or




commodity details











1) commodity titles are the most common user search component and are the easiest to remember components, so >

Experience Net trick is not every stationmaster’s Nuggets



with the development of the times, many enterprises are now facing a huge talent gap, resulting in the talent intermediary business has become more and more potential. By doing some commercial traffic action has become an ideal mode of operation of many owners in mind, and after continuous deposition of the capital market, now the network recruitment has ushered in its golden period, especially in first-tier cities.

facing the increasingly vigorous job search force, the problem of online recruitment industry as a whole is also increasing. Model homogenization, for the user’s help, divorced from reality, and so on, so that more people expect to join the webmaster a bit more consideration.

You want to do now

network recruitment friends still unified idea is There are plenty of people who, all use of regional advantages in their longluo, part of the resources, and this part of the resources accurate to the user, so naturally. In fact, everyone is a good idea, as a grassroots, our limited resources and ability, and do comprehensive online recruitment, rather than based on the two or three line of small city or vertical industry, it can be said to be a wise. But with more and more friends doing this business, the proliferation of product operating models, and now to do Internet recruitment, we have to try to ask ourselves a few questions.

channels and resources can be stranded, but the user’s trust from where, and now online recruitment sites everywhere, to whom the site is the same, then the fight is the connections and relationships. Let more people know and trust that recruitment is the lesson everyone needs to do. But, now the network recruitment really responsible for the user is very little, the industry reputation has been there, we re expand the field of difficulty is more difficult.

on the two or three line of the city although will avoid intense competition environment to a certain extent, but the two or three line of the city still has its own unspoken rule, the first is to make a profit and advertising sponsorship, no good business contacts, it is very difficult for us to pull to the ideal of the advertisers, doing a little bit flow do not know until God knows how long. So go to the two or three line cities to do online recruitment, must first guarantee that they are a local pass.

The update speed of

network for the fast, low cost, wide and narrow coverage of enterprise information in detail, is beneficial to enterprises of employees, and this mode tend to choose a more suitable job seekers. However, online recruitment also has its own disadvantages, that is, the success rate of job search is often low, the attractiveness of job seekers in the decline with the day. A lot of time, job seekers see more is the breadth of network recruitment, for their hit grasp is not very big, this also can’t understand why so many people like the sea resume resume. But the job success rate is not high is a fatal weakness, because it will make your site to talent shows itself in the competitive industry, not the success rate, real estate business, job training and other advertising sales.

How does a medical website improve the content of user experience

the "medical website how to improve the user experience of style", some of my key website from the site selection, access speed, website design and other aspects elaborated how to improve the basic medical website user experience, so this paper will continue to focus on this topic, the site layout, website content etc. analysis.

1, home page layout should be guided, reflecting clarity,

medical website target users mostly enter the website with the problem, which requires the site navigation guidance set clear, the directory structure can reach the final page within three clicks the best, so that users can find what they want to information in the shortest time, page level focused, prioritize, illustrated, target customers are most interested in, most of the marketing information is placed in the most important position. For example, I have focused on the study of this site, Changsha Fang Thai liver hospital to analyze. The station is the main navigation position placed key column information of hospital survey, special treatment, liver specialist, medical equipment and other sites, users click to view the relevant information, the first screen left position of updated online consultation, the question of common liver disease will be updated in real time here, one can strengthen the communication with users and improve the user experience, on the other hand can attract Baidu spider to grab the page. The middle position of the first screen is placed on the new hospital liver disease therapy authority activities information and promotional information, content is compact, hospital, therapy and other packaging experts are presented one by one, the authority and marketing are out, to enhance the user’s sense of trust in the hospital at the same time, also can improve the user the conversion rate to a certain extent. In the right side of the page position slides and convenient service function buttons, illustrated slideshow on the text to improve user browsing fatigue, and convenient and efficient service channel, convenient for users to search for relevant information, and effectively improve the efficiency of the user’s search.

2, the content of the site as far as possible original

medical website content as far as possible the original content, in order to ensure the readability of the content, the title of the set to meet the user’s search habits, the quiz title more easily accepted by the user, of course, original content is more affected by the favour of search engine, to improve the user experience, can be used for pictures or related information recommended to enrich the contents of the whole article, so as to improve the reading value of a single article, also let users can be satisfied, a sense of trust to the station.

3, website and user interaction form should be diversified,

medical website to improve the user experience of a degree is the most important to strengthen the interaction with the user, how to realize the diversification of the website and user interaction form? This requires owners to constantly sum up new experience in practice, through continuous research of user access habits and potential demand, choose to use the interactive mode for, the most effective, the current medical website still attaches great importance to interact with the user.

How do industry B2B sites attract aggregate buyers

any B2B to join the industry website to attract more suppliers, will station suppliers increase the inquiry and order work, so how to attract a large number of buyers gathered industry has become one of the industry Web site all want long-term development priority. Here to mention their own ideas, perhaps not too mature, please PP.

wants to attract industry buyers, we must first understand the suppliers, to know what are the main users of these products? What is the main place of application and so on, these should be in the industry B2B site planning.

is about to know. Then through a variety of methods to collect the purchaser information, finally is through the mail or other ways to contact the purchaser to pull him into your site, but how to facilitate transactions, there is much knowledge, to be described below.

1, through the major B2B, C2C website search related buyers

2, through the purchase of some marketing software, set collection conditions to collect

3, through various exhibitions to sell the industry website, to attract buyers attention

4, through a variety of products monopoly network, and they grab customers; or simply put these monopoly net into the buyer’s list

5 collects information from buyers through industry, magazines, and media

6, conditional industry exhibition can be held, attracting a large number of buyers

7, through the network of contacts within the industry, each company will have its own customer base, if you can have access to one or two, will bring a lot of opportunities to the site


online through the "street" the accumulation of purchaser

9, through the mass software, the site’s excellent products to the group to the integrated B2B site, increasing exposure rate

10, buy search engine keyword advertising, fixed ranking attract buyers, this is the most effective way

11, pay attention to customer demand changes, the latest trends, market data collation, timely adjustment strategy

12, put in outdoor advertising, television advertising, online advertising, advertising and other newspapers put more ways

13, the best cost-effective search engine optimization work, as long as the time spent, you can search through the search engine suppliers suppliers into our website

14, a specialty wholesale market,

these collection of buyers is not the only way, but also what I can think of, can be used alone, can also be used together, combined with the effect of better. Hope you have a better way to share. The last thing you need to do after collecting is email marketing and telemarketing. It depends on your service attitude

A real life portrayal of a grass root webmaster

07 years in October 10th, I and a friend both resigned, and opened the partnership business forum. At that time, two people with a pioneering spirit does not know in what circumstances will dry up. Fortunately, there are free programs in the discuz forum, saving a lot of technical problems. At that time, do not understand what HTML code, do not know what is called SEO, technology, what is. Oneself step by step learning, do not understand website promotion, it is now learning to use. After a few months, not only did not make money, but also lost their savings (with 5000 yuan each time, then the true cost) to find business is not an easy thing, but can not give up this!?! After all, entrepreneurship is his dream.

about the income of the site, in July 08, is the total income of last month’s forum for $205, equivalent to 1400 yuan (RMB appreciation is really terrible., 6.8), two people share just 700 yuan / person. How about 700 yuan for living in Guangzhou? And renting your own house, besides having a girlfriend. However, do not underestimate the 700 yuan, less money and less money. Here are some of the details of my July living expenses:

1. rent: 280 yuan

lives near Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Chigang, quite remote location.

2. Internet access fee: 50 yuan

pulls the landlord’s line

3. electricity, water fee: 70 yuan or so,

basically runs 12 hours a day and cooks meals by himself.

Over 400 of

costs about three, and the remaining 300 is all expenses for the whole month.

4. girlfriend spending: 150 yuan

girlfriend is not in the same place, basically met once a week, together for more than a year, but fortunately, my girlfriend more understanding of my work. But less than 50 yuan a week in Guangzhou, do not say how shabby.

5., the final 150 yuan, is the entire month of living expenses. My specific arrangements are as follows: adhere to their own cooking, do not do it yourself, Guangzhou fast food is now 6 yuan a share. M: once a week, buy 10 yuan, 1.8 yuan / jin of that kind. About 40 yuan a month.

daily expenses: breakfast 0.5 yuan, steamed bread; Chinese and dinner dishes are not more than 5 yuan (3 yuan, lean meat 1.5 yuan vegetables), so that the expenditure of the day control is not more than 5 yuan.

now rising prices is really severe, pork 14.5 yuan / kg, what the Chinese cabbage 3 yuan / kg. The insufficient expenditure is definitely the hot weather to eat meat, Rice porridge. Green vegetables, you buy bean sprouts, carrots, peas, what cheaper dishes?. It can be smoothly until the end of the month.

as for the mobile phone fee (about 15 yuan a month), laundry, bathing supplies, what is the way to save

Share the experience of beginning website

, my website (www.kh505.cn) has been in existence for more than a month since June 10th.

has gained a lot this month. Among the accidents were several:

1, Google and Baidu are all very fast.

2, Google’s Web site, RP value, unexpectedly reached the level 2

harvest mainly in the following aspects:

1, build a website to have enough content to support.

2, search engine traffic and the quality of the article does not have much to do with. See if there are enough keywords in the website article that can be grouped into phrases that users search for. For example, my website has a keyword from the search engine "sugar fried chestnuts profits", just because an article appeared in "sugar fried chestnuts", "profit" two words only. We never know what people using search engines will search for, so in addition to tracking hot keywords, another way is to fill a lot of articles.

‘s main task for the next two months:

1 focuses on how to improve web access. Target 100IP every day.

2, based on accident and harvest, I decided to divide the article into two categories, one is the original article about entrepreneurship, and the other is a lot of original essays to fill the search engine. Increase flow.

3, put some small ads, check the advertising effect.

Taobao shop first screen planning skills

When Taobao

to each store buyers to enter the home page, the first screen is the most direct buyers into the sight block, the first screen is excellent for making customers continue stays in the shop has a very important role, so how to plan a good first screen to attract the attention of customers, and ultimately to improve the conversion the purpose of it, here is the first screen planning to do a basic introduction.

one, the first screen theme

according to a theme selected the actual situation of Taobao shop shop, the first screen theme selection there are three kinds of commonly used scheme, the first is the shop activities, the second is a single product promotion, third is the promotion of brand culture.

1, shop activity

shop activity is the regular activities of each brand in the shop, every shop or big or small, there will always be some promotional activities, different promotional efforts for buyers attractive will vary greatly.

1) brand group

official activities, Juhuasuan is one of the types of activities is widely adopted, participate in brand group promotion is relatively large, can improve brand exposure.

2 –

/ eleven) double activities

in addition, Taobao will hold various seasonal events, such as double 11, double 12, mid year, big promotion, etc. during this period, most of the stores, whether or not they sign up, will adopt the theme of this activity.

3) shop routine activities: season, holiday

the cost of participating in official activities is relatively high, so you have to be qualified to participate. Outside of official activities is some promotional activities in the shop. The more common theme in store activities is the subject of the current season or the special day of the festival.

4) shop routine activities: anniversary, clearance

anniversary celebrations are also widely adopted as theme of activity, and clearance sale is also a more attractive subject, and is suitable for a wide range of time.

2, single product promotion

1) single product Juhuasuan, burst

single product promotion theme for shops pushed into explosion models or want to improve the conversion rate of a product, such as a single product in Juhuasuan baby, or already is to create the explosion models, sales occupy a certain share in the same industry, the effect is very considerable.

2) new listing, special promotions,

single product promotion theme also applies to new products listed, and intends to fully promote the product, moreover, the special discount promotion product can also serve as the first screen theme.

still has a lot to do with the product as the first screen, but they all have one thing in common, the product

Webmaster soft text promotion mistakes and skills

A5 of the household, fueling plus grassroots webmaster, soft Wen promotion has also become owners who are recognized as the most effective way of promotion, from the beginning of the owners of such websites and forums mean the chain and the chain signature, now many of these sites are open attitude, or set up a special soft release, soft the promotion is small and is accepted by the most popular


site open attitude, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the owners, all kinds of articles such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain continue to emerge, although the quality is uneven, but there are some original content! The profit website to obtain the original content, weight increase, owners get outside the chain, flow rate of growth in popularity, we are just slowly as a pleasurable occupation! That seems to be a kind of inertia, found himself into the errors of the soft Wen promotion, the thought of a soft, think of A5 or other webmaster website, but without paying attention to your site type, is suitable in these sites to post


before I wrote an article called "China soft market will mature, and then open a little", which was mentioned in the current domestic is not as foreign as Ezinearticles special soft stand, be arranged, covering all aspects of life, all types of the site, you can find release plate inside! The soft station appears to be limited to the network classification, for other industries to no classification, almost every site is that a few things: webmaster operations, search optimization, experience and so on! And the webmaster site is inclusive, small sesame garlic skin, big national event what station, there is no corresponding plate can release


not all sites are engaged in network IT, but now the situation is a lot of people to have to write some soft Wen, and their site irrelevant articles, connecting drag into your site in the article, if not inserted into it, only at the end with a copyright connection! This effect will be greatly reduced, the first content and the site is not much, if it is easy to connect the copyright being reproduced removed, I used to plant their own network in Suzhou (http://www.szchang.cn) write text will often be the case! Plant this piece belongs to the real estate industry, if there is no relevant experience, it is hard to write professional articles, and estate articles without certain channels, it is difficult to go out, so only the strong pull hard tear Write some network related articles in A5 and other soft site release, plus some copyright connection, the situation is not ideal


is only the current domestic soft Wen website is not very mature, so the webmaster can only take advantage of the mistakes, there is no way to do so, but there is no other way to save the curve? The answer is yes,


first said the article source: not everyone is an expert, can for their site corresponding industry to write high-quality articles, but >

Personal webmaster gratitude 2008 Outlook 2009, I can see the day after tomorrow sun

2008 is in the past, many of my friends are busy preparing for the Spring Festival the Spring Festival, but individual owners will really have a good time? Have you have done summary, looking into the future, on the thirty after 09 years, we still have to work, have done what you intend to do? My personal mind is not on the Spring Festival, I look forward to the Spring Festival immediately in the past, only in this way will all walks of life on the right track, I can continue my work.

review 2008

08 years in January, installed broadband, relying on their own skills, from Guangzhou to record transcripts, to point to the bank to check their wages, originally from the Internet can make money, the start of the SOHO family.

08 years in March, in the free time to begin to understand the Wangzhuan, had registered, click on the foreign advertising, called "big fortune" verification code, but also as a "pig typing" agent, hang Wangzhuan, voting Wangzhuan, often removed from Qian Jinba Wangzhuan site.

08 years in April, found that GG advertising cheats tutorial, though they are outdated, but through the understanding to the higher realm of Wangzhuan do a web site to make money.

08 years in May, decided to make a website to Xinhua Bookstore, spent 68 yuan to buy a vintage genuine Dreamweavr CS tutorial, but went online to see there are many latest software video tutorials, unfortunately, according to video watching and learning, for more than a week of the web based learning.

08 years in June, began to investigate web site project, because a soft text, great interest, the month to buy net friend program, the first web site online.


days, began to operate the site, Baidu included, website promotion, website profit thinking, find out the difficulties, find a way to find and solve problems in continuous exploration, repeated thinking, learn to write text, know what is speculation, one experienced local speculation began to fail, foresight, begin to understand humanity, began the study of human psychology, to communicate with others, communicate with customers, local concern, attention to the industry development, to explore the essence of the site. I also summed up a set of "do their own standing" theory, and do not know whether it is true, but I think that is suitable for their own best, and now, in accordance with this idea, continue to move forward.

My 2008 "Guan Jian word"

what is the most missing in twenty-first Century? Some people say that talent, some people have done something, some people did not do it, we can see that the platform is more important than talent. The Internet is a new information platform, here to provide a personal webmaster to make money, or business platform, only to find a suitable platform, can play to their talents, if the Internet for themselves would continue. But what is more important than the platform should be one’s judgment and choice. One’s choice will be decided

Website Transformation please analyze what Internet users need, not what they like

2009 is the stationmaster of a lot of personal transformation, the specific environment of the Internet and the China known as several major events, improved search engine algorithm mainstream Internet users habits change, and the rapid development of the popularity of the Internet, the strategic deployment of these have prompted the flexible personal webmaster constantly change their website


there is no lack of garbage station exists in any environment, but in the current environment do dumpster should analyze cost! One Yuan era CN domain name has been in the past, the record is anxiously waiting for the extremely painful, if you have information on the Baidu K before you withdraw your domain name has cost space then, a try! But I believe most of the webmaster or like me, no master master master is often high, are proud of their traffic soared prepared advertising, Baidu is merciless killing! ~ ~ ~ this time, please don’t blame Baidu webmaster, don’t blame the record as the saying goes: out! Mix, always also! Rape users preferences, the ultimate fate of this is the only


of course, purely for interest and the establishment of the site, is admirable! But, in your own interest into the website maintenance, please consider your economy! Many webmaster do stand still is to make a living, in order to eat meal in the mix can have more earnings if! A purely for your interest to establish a standing time, please be prepared in advance to ensure that you have enough economic reserves, then you can put into this site as a pleasurable occupation interest you! Of course, when your interest groups grow strong enough, you can convert it to a source of income, this is not


here we exclude those entertainment site portal level, only a grassroots webmaster how to positive analysis, into the industry, realize the real website profit, then develop, grow, become the brand


first of all we have to do is to analyze what users need, but not what love! This is a big difference between the two users need, on behalf of him! Want to buy, he was a representative with the wallet to the Internet users love, at best! Only represents his personality, rather than his wallet, unless he is of an interest the fancier! This is the difference between the site of the industry and entertainment site


many webmaster all know, in the same level of traffic, the station station and the entertainment industry is the income cannot be mention in the same breath! The story, I believe we have seen a lot in stationmaster net! The reason for this is because the site of the industry’s goal is clear, directly to the people in need, no extra traveler! To visit is to find what they need to buy the potential is very great! At the same time, the website targeted advertising costs can be very high! And entertainment sites, passing the majority, after seeing the most become a at leisure talk, to stimulate the traveler’s desire for consumption, hard!

is a simple example, >