39 star bet three new board companies are mostly to see how the results of your home love beans,

Huang Xiaoming lived hundreds of cross-border investment, although the annual report in 2016 revenue reached 49 million 268 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 870.74%; attributable to shareholders of the listed company’s net profit of 49 million 735 thousand and 100 yuan loss, the performance is not good, but this tree by Hainan Airlines, its worth the wait seem to be relatively more.

on the stage of the capital market, the stars of the artists show frequently staged. However, compared with the rash and too much in haste "swallow", most of the star performers in the capital market. So far Zhao Wei: not only do not sell her to the "home court" and so generous, the most in the "new three remote".

so, acting in a play see color of the stars, whether the new board of its investment in


23 companies are now 39 artists shareholders

although the artist as a public figure now began to appear the new board, but for many people in the entertainment industry, investment circle in a number of years ago is another circle, the two circle is very difficult to mix together.


in today’s new board listed company in the list of shareholders, entertainers list is long, of which 23 companies there were at least 39 artists: Sun Li, Zhao Liying, Liu Shishi shareholders, Guo Tao and Gao Yunxiang (Hareon pictures); Luyu Chen, Zhou Libo; Huang Xiaoming (energy propagation) (live 100) Zu Feng; and Honglei Sun (green rain media); Yang Liping; Hu Ge (Yunnan Culture) and Liu Shishi, Gao Yuanyuan, Wei Fan (Chinese film); Jiang Wu, Ying Da; Yang Shuo (Dragon film), Jiang Xin (art media); Li Xiaoran, Tian Liang; (the glorious media) and Ye Qian ("Ye Yiqian"), Ma Tianyu (the summer sky); Yang Mi (Jiaxing media); Gong Hanlin; Kevin Xie (North Point entertainment) (ideal city); Chen Daoming; Chen Kun (Centrino fashion) (day Misho); Ren Zhenquan, Chen He, Du Haitao, Lin update (share time); Liu Shishi (Galle shares); Xu Jinglei (know my science and Technology); Hu Haiquan (AI); the (Sheng Tian media); and the time of the film, and so on, in the past, and then, in the history of the film, and then, by the time of the film and television, and then, by the time of the film and television, and then, by the time of the film and television, and then, by the time of the film, and then, by the time of the film and television, the Chinese people’s Republic of China and the world of China, the writer of the present paper is that: (1) the time of film and television. According to the pre disclosure, there are some artists to participate in the investment company, is running on the road overnight rushed to the three new board listed……

from the data point of view, the company owned by the arts, nearly seven become R culture, sports and entertainment industry, belong to the nature of investment, the company belongs to the retail industry F52. The investment in the field of the largest span is Liu Shishi West through Jiangsu investment limited holds C38 electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry "Galle shares, it is reported that this investment contributed to Liu Shishi and her husband Nicky Wu’s circle of friends; followed by Huang Xiaoming through the Ningbo star Liu holding" H61 accommodation "live one hundred shares, data display one hundred lives should be a business platform > HNA Tourism Group

Has 1 million registered users of the awesome medicine has fallen, the founding team left the four p


, JASUN, Hunan radio news anchor, has worked at the treasure net, after two years of entrepreneurship, millet, current drug awesome marketing director. The early morning of May 19th, in the public, even JASUN (JASUN says) announced drug awesome operations have been suspended.

is now the morning, do not know in what way to inform people around like this thing, have received some media and friends to suspend business consulting medicine awesome things, has not recovered, also do not know how to reply to everyone, but as a long-term cooperation partners, and care about me some good teachers and helpful friends growing up, think it is very necessary and frankly told, just out of personal feelings.

awesome 1 hours to send medicine to suspend operations in May 18, 2016 14, do not want too many statements why? The company announced two days later, as an individual, drug awesome CEO as well as the core of the team, and we hope to have the opportunity to do. This is my personal career is very precious and valued the work of the time, just want to talk about my feelings at the last moment of the company.

has been very glad I met and thank you for this brand, it is like a seed of their birth, from germination to about my results, and it has been associated with growth, although the role I just a member of the founding team, please forgive me at the moment is still in the administration of awesome PR, for today’s pause I was a member of the team, can not shirk its responsibility, all members of our team should have a fault, but so far I still think the medicine awesome products, technology and other core team members, I work so many years had to spend the least money, solve the biggest problem of the team.

from the start of the first day until now, eighty percent members of the team always adhere to 996 hours, although the office has been in residential building, more than and 20 people crowded in a level of less than 90 cabins, two people crowded a IKEA desk, so until today, has never been in a team in such a high efficiency play, so far, the medicine has awesome close to 1 million registered users, nearly 400 thousand users of transactions, this is not what good numbers, but this is an account of our own, in this process, we appreciate every single user, the only regret is that we don’t have to until the end of everybody’s health delivery man, we do not shirk responsibility, which is really difficult, we are not doing well.

if you have to replay the entrepreneurial experience, of course I hope you sincerely look at the text, not to non write what? But I hope my friends


1: in the face of crazy LP requirements, can calm look at their BP

mentioned "broken axe into the boat, many people may have heard from all the one hundred times, but the broken axe into a boat many founders have a verbal contract, but the real time to lead the project to run the majority of people are lost, the company.

Talk about my views on College Students’ Entrepreneurship


the one called @ Feng Zhiyong’s boots University School, the school arranged "occupation career interview", and then made a speech to the PPT, his first thought is Lu Songsong, so a few questions, hoping to get my views and opinions, so only the paper: I talk about the business students some view.

Q1: can you briefly introduce your career and its characteristics,


I do is webmaster of the occupation, is now rarely mentioned, owners are in transition to the media, a popular occupation is the Internet, through the "text" to other users to transfer your value, your energy. The Internet gives us no background of a counter attack opportunity, webmaster or self media, all belong to this. The two occupation, let many people successful counter attack, this is the Internet, now I’m like, from an ordinary office worker behind own company.

Q2: what is your biggest accomplishment after work?

after work to find the campus life is so beautiful, no one complicated interpersonal relationships, friends are very simple. After work, I found myself more and more realistic, more and more far away from the original dream; but also understand the "look at the stars, down to earth," meaning. Especially after 30 years of age, will be more and more time, do not want to waste time on meaningless things, such as watching tv.

Q3: for ordinary college students, just graduated without economic basis, no work experience, how should we see their own business?

all the media, teachers, even countries in the promotion of "the business" actually pit a lot of young people, I graduated second years started business in Beijing, but less than a year of failure, the gap between the ideal and reality is very large, the set of methods in the school doesn’t work. I also know that 99% of college students will fail to start a business, because we always think the future is too good, too high goal set. This more and more college students hold a "talent" idea, in the "best of times", "started in response to Premier Li Keqiang’s call for". But this means that you can skip the basics, starting with BOSS. No money no ability, no experience, no contacts, home, honest work. Entrepreneurship is a young accumulate steadily things, or to learn more, less entrepreneurial class, learn more practical.

Q4: entrepreneurial employment requirements than the ability to be higher, if you want to start the business in the school pay more attention to the ability to develop what?

a lot of times, we often talk about what the business needs to have the ability to be a false proposition, from the first venture failed since then, with the reality of the impact, I do not think I can be a gem. The following I enumerate the current business needs of the ability, are in the process of learning after the start

China Internet investment fund established a number of strategic cooperation agreement signed

Xinhua Beijing January 22 (Huang Boyang) this morning, China Internet investment fund was established in Beijing, and reached a number of strategic cooperation agreements with the relevant enterprises and financial institutions. National Network letter office, the Ministry of Finance attended the inaugural ceremony and delivered a speech.

China Internet investment fund approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched the national network, the total size of 100 billion yuan fund planning. The establishment of China’s Internet investment fund is the implementation of the new concept of development of specific practice, is to promote the implementation of the strategy of network power strategy. Chinese Internet investment fund will uphold the "professional guidance, guidance, fuyoufujiang, sharing and win-win" investment philosophy, adhere to the national strategy oriented, market-oriented operation, professional management, focusing on key areas of Internet, through the market to support the innovation and development of the Internet, as the outstanding Internet enterprise as a strategic power, service network power, to promote the Internet to better benefit the country and the people.

in the fund was established, but also a number of strategic cooperation contract. Among them, with the ICBC, CITIC Guoan, China Post life, China Mobile (micro-blog), China Unicom (micro-blog), China Telecom (micro-blog) and other 6 strategic investment companies signed a partnership agreement, the first phase of the fund 30 billion yuan to raise funds subscribed in place. With the ICBC, the State Development Bank, the Agricultural Bank of China and 3 financial institutions signed investment loan linkage agreement for investment fund companies to provide credit and financial services, a package of support measures, credit amounted to 150 billion yuan.

inauguration ceremony, ICBC, China Mobile, CITIC Guoan 3 strategic investment fund companies responsible person made a statement. From the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, the SASAC, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Commission and other relevant ministries, financial institutions, investment institutions, Internet companies, management on behalf of nearly 200 guests attended the inaugural ceremony.

Why do we need a focus on small and micro business wealth selection


in a noisy discourse circle, there is always a silent majority."

double career like a raging fire and stay in the spotlight, entrepreneurs are always a few people. Most entrepreneurs will eventually become the "unknown hero" – in the eyes of the public and the media are obscure, but in their service customers in mind, they are so important and warm. The unknown hero is even greater than the influence of Ma Yun Robin Li, life for most people.

the number of these heroes is about 50 million. From the State Administration for Industry and Commerce latest statistics show that in 2015, the number of private enterprises in China 16 million 538 thousand, the number of individual industrial and commercial households reached 51 million 398 thousand.

they are distributed in all walks of life, some grinding a product, and some run a shop, some of the Internet to transform traditional industries. Their common feature is to operate their own brand with the spirit of craftsman.

Forbes rankings, the annual economic figures, these awards were awarded to the star entrepreneur. While Rimula · annual "+ micro wealth exchange Award is only awarded to the unknown hero, these small micro entrepreneurs to create wealth. Compared with the former, Rimula · annual "+ micro wealth exchange Award more worthy of attention:

First, the

were closer to the truth


Dong Mingzhu said: Ma a good, and the more the better Dong Mingzhu.

Dong Mingzhu describes a truth: Ma only one, most people will not become Ma, but they can achieve their career in their respective fields, and contribute a little better than the small ma. There is no real economy, there is no small and micro enterprises, there is no cornerstone of China’s economy.

were two, the selection is a motto of

as long as there is a supporter, do not give up their careers.

start, every difficult entrepreneurs, have their own motto. Some people summarize the experience from the history of entrepreneurship, some people get wisdom from the older generation, and the selection is not another motto this identity, will be accompanied by small and micro enterprises through the most difficult and dark years. Small and micro business wealth gain from selection, is not only a concern and endorsement, but also from the spiritual support.

were three, the silent sound

for yourself

looks like "Ma Ma" fire, but a substantial contribution to the economy of small and micro business Chinese wealth is still silent.

micro entrepreneurial wealth without too much exposure, and the annual "micro + award is the best sounding channel. Small and micro business wealth who need to learn to speak for themselves, when a year-end selection aggregation of millions of small and micro entrepreneurs forces, it is no longer a common selection. An army of ants, force >

WeChat small program to kill app Entrepreneurs may not think so

Abstract: WeChat small program, the emergence of the test is probably app distribution channels, but allow entrepreneurs to completely abandon app, I am afraid it is impossible.

" what is a small program: small program is a need to download the application you can use, it realizes the application of ‘untouchable’ dream, the user can open or sweep search application. Also reflects the ‘run away’ concept, users do not have to worry about whether to install too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous, ready to use, but do not need to install uninstall. "


this is Zhang Xiaolong on September 22nd at 23 minutes in a circle of friends WeChat.

comments in the comments section of this Zhang Xiaolong, Tencent’s first message, said: "apple does not let the application number, but perhaps a good thing instead of." The evening of September 22nd, some of the WeChat public number received from the official WeChat beta invitation: developers can quickly develop a small program in WeChat. From the beginning of the new function of brewing formerly known as the "application", launched the beta night in friends scraper. There are people who can not help but feel that the Internet circles, WeChat’s small program has come, app also want to develop it?

has a small program, has to be APP

from the leaked screenshots, all kinds of application program will appear in the "WeChat" found "page, in the" shopping "and" game "increases below the" application "category under the hammer, calendar, weather, ink drops travel, opal film appear in the screenshot.

now, click on WeChat’s "discovery" page, "shake", "near", "bottle" appear on the page, the future WeChat small program from online to the mass line, it is expected that these functions will be from "found" page disappear.

back in January of this year, the father of WeChat, said Zhang Xiaolong, to develop an application number, to provide users with app function. For users, there are 2 benefits: first, the phone can download less app, usually open the frequency of the software is not high, you can use WeChat’s small program instead; the two is to change the phone, no need to repeat the installation software.

brewing for more than 7 months, the new function of this small program is finally holding a half cover of the pipa appeared.

APP flooding, most are "zombie"

WeChat small program was born, there are hundreds of millions of APP in the presence of a large number of cases.

September 22nd, Tencent Global Partner Conference, general manager of Tencent mobile application platform, said Zhou Tao, the application of treasure day distribution exceeded 200 million, APP access up to 3 million 500 thousand, accounting for the first distribution industry. However, in the millions of APP, most of the APP (long tail applications) traffic growth can not keep up with the number of growth, in addition to similar

Talk about my first venture cheated experience

this money earn more and more bad, easy to find work, even if there is also work to earn enough to spend, because now the life level, income must also improve can. Now many people want to start a business, but do not know what to do?


eight years ago, he is still a young man of the age of more than and 20, days are not afraid, not afraid of the ground, a body of bravery, what all dare to do, what do you want to do.

is a bit impetuous, lack of patience and experience.

sometimes think, young good ah, do what you want to do, which is now like their own, a lot of ideas, but very few, but it is necessary to pay a high price.

1, working

was a low salary, do the waiter a month to 600 yuan a month plus commission, about 1000 or so; in a rubber factory salary was 700 yuan, exhausted men. In the three star hotel as a waiter salary is only 1000 yuan a month, only 1000 yuan; the baby shop assembled baby a month to 500 yuan.

I have not worked for many years, and I do not know how much wages are now a month, but I believe that a month will not be less than two thousand or three thousand yuan, and then who do low ah?

because of the low wages, he did not want to what degree, mix well, my only out is to do business, when I began to learn how to do business, like that, this is only minor.

at that time I like reading newspapers, looking for work in the newspaper, looking for entrepreneurial projects.

I was in Lianyungang, Sinpo, when I see the newspaper has a lot of business to join the project, some processing beads, some processing is lighter, battery and so on, a lot of.

I remember seeing a battery, I called to ask. There was no cell phone, I only went to the public phone. After the call, the boss and I said that the local people bad, do not believe those.

from then on I did not hit the phone, the boss is also a big age, a little experience, I also believe.

later, I read in the newspaper that there is a football processing, processing a cost of 10 yuan, but also in our Xuzhou.

2, processing football

I work in Lianyungang in the first half of the

time, morning, afternoon stall, half the time saved 1700 yuan.

think about the past is not easy, now a week before the work of the money to earn half a year, paid so much, wasted so much time, but the return of the poor.

dry six months later, when the Spring Festival is coming, I resigned, ready to go home for the new year.

home after the end of the year, I went to Xuzhou to find the processing of football.


The billionaire out of the mountains

Qiu Wei, today the Shaanxi heard heard, by him to create a "Clara" restaurant has been around the Guanzhong hinterland of the high streets and back lanes advertising slogan "sizzling steak, delicious, Clara" has become many people’s pet phrase

for having heard it many times!

had the opportunity to interview the chairman Clara today, is my life, a noble Qiu Wei, the following words are arranged interviews.

a man barren hills and turbulent rivers

my name is Qiu Wei, born in 1971 in Fujian Longyan village in a remote mountainous region, in the third of five children. Where the land is barren, steep mountain, traffic inconvenience, one family want to survive all hope, not good mother perennial body, home labor shortage, in order to let children to continue their studies, I studied for only one year of junior high school dropout home farm.

this is the house where I was born

That year,

home farm, I thought a lot: "I can’t stay in this small village, should go out to try again." Soon, the township government to recruit correspondents, I think this may be my only chance to jump out of the farm, soon, I became a correspondent of the township government.

At the beginning of

to the township government, his age is not a two degree, no experience, in addition to a fiery heart, can be described as much. So usually do things carefully, carefully, after 3 years of hard work diligently, I was recommended to the leaders of the Township County Bureau of civil affairs work.

my first working unit

identity or correspondent, the main work is still clean, water, paper, errands chores, different work platform let me have a preliminary plan for my life. At that time, his dream is to become a famous Royal civil servants to become civil servants, in addition to the ability to opportunities, knowledge is an important aspect, but the lack of time after work, I go to the evening school charge, usually in addition to work, it is learning to read.

in 1992, when I was 21 years old, is recommended to the provincial capital for further study. Come back, I finally got to be peasants, become a civil servant. So I was in the County Civil Affairs Bureau to work diligently for 6 years, until 2000, after the business.

Western food innovation frustrated

China’s reform and opening up the achievements of the first batch of the development of Shenzhen SAR, a group of outstanding entrepreneurs came into being, the reason for their success is to seize the opportunity to reform." The clarion call of the western development of the country has given me the opportunity to start a business.

in September 2000, I came to Xi’an, with people from the building materials business. 3 years of painstaking efforts, the success of the company made a profit of about 10000000 yuan, becoming the city’s industry second. The success of the first venture to allow themselves to aspire to a broader stage.

in 2004, I moved to Beijing to join the investment, a western restaurant, due to the lack of management experience of operation, only seven months.

A young business war, 5 years by 10 billion, 4 words


text / gold wrong knife

vertical electricity supplier died so much, how do you not Tmall, Jingdong kill?

this is the brewmaster network founder Hao Hongfeng was tortured for most problems.

early financing, met more than and 100 investors, did not get their money, so be tortured. After the concept of liquor electricity supplier shares listed three new board, the valuation of more than 10 billion, and took the money, but also the question of torture.

Hao Hongfeng is often referred to as "old Hao", he is a good man, this is related to his personal creed. Once, I asked the old Hao, why not with other companies the tear forced marketing? Laohao explained specifically, said he had a character creed: simple and sincere, friendly.

but I think Hao Hongfeng is essentially a hot blooded young man. Grass root period, when the security guard, sold newspapers, worked as a waiter, go to today, with a cavity blood. In 2008, is already a little millionaire Hao Hongfeng, with the team that we had, these hot blooded youth, ideals, dreams, why not do one thing for a lifetime to be proud of, let us do it 10 billion. Said he was young blood, because things are not just fight blood, but also desperately. Hao Hongfeng was in Zhengzhou to buy a dozen houses, do all sold into the brewmaster network company, is not afraid of naught.

After the listing of

, the old Hao’s goal is 100 billion. He said: I want to kill the market value of nearly 100 billion, the world’s largest alcohol company DIAGEO."

the question is, by what

vertical electric counter attack?

brewmaster network has been interpreted N many times, but this case to dissect what brewmaster network little-known side. In the brewmaster network cases in depth interview process, I found that the secret is unspoken rule: liquor is generally regarded as the standard, but the spirit is the essence of non-standard products. Performance in two dimensions, one is fragile, bring great pressure on the supply chain. Two is the custom, brewmaster network 80% hot products are based on custom.

this is a huge moat, is also a disastrous challenge. Driver Hao Hongfeng, the young blood of the 6 years from 2 million to 10 billion for the electricity supplier, market capitalization, behind by 4 words.

this is another truth liquor electricity supplier.

one, barbaric growth, forced out of the ecological electricity supplier

in 2008, is the Shanxi wine nouveau riche Hao Hongfeng first proposed the blood of a dream: "10 years after the turnover to do 10 billion." To achieve this goal, there are only two ways: one is to open wineries; one is to do channels.

Hao Hongfeng found that the winery and do the way to do 10 billion channels within the scale of 10 years, basically impossible. The only way to achieve this goal is e-commerce.

< >

Capital intervention, the form of multi content entrepreneurship is ushering in a new outbreak

2015 capital hit the winter, the content of entrepreneurship is extremely hot, and even the media will be 2015 as the first year since the media". If 2015 is the first year since the media, in the era of the content of entrepreneurship in the beginning of the year in 2016. At the beginning of "talent and beauty in a woman" Papi sauce series of short video popular, became a media platform to discuss the Reds (please refer to the "Papi" meaning "network jam this pie red, is a short video content era of the best proof" article).


from the content of entrepreneurship pattern can be found in 2016 2015 deduction, the content of entrepreneurship has the following four characteristics: first, the form of diversification; second, profit model third, multi-faceted flowering; and content platform composed of symbiosis, the importance is improved; fourth, the depth of the capital involved, boost the content of entrepreneurship commercialization. 2016 form of content diversification

at present, the content of entrepreneurship presents a diversified trend, mainly divided into graphics, audio, video and other forms. In the early days of the Internet, the main focus on the content of entrepreneurship in the field of text, such as relying on the growth of online literature to pay reading, and gradually transition to the pan IP industry chain development. From 2004 onwards, a starting point, have acquired Hongxiutianxiang, under the banyan tree, Jinjiang, reading novels and other literary website. 2013, Tencent literature, Baidu literature, Ali literature, etc.. BAT have joined the field of literature, the network literature as the core to create a reading, publishing, film and television, games, cultural products, such as three-dimensional business chain. Founded in August 2015 2009 the original comic platform Yaoqi by Austrian flying animation to 900 million acquisition, had previously launched billions of dollars at the box office "one hundred thousand cold joke" movie, played a tonic for comic business.

audio content entrepreneurship, there are Himalaya, dragonfly FM platform. Himalaya as of May 2014, with more than 6000 audio programs through the certification by the creator of the creation of the column of the total amount of nearly audio, audio, audio and video, and so on, by the end of 3 million. The beginning of the establishment of the dragonfly FM focus radio listening, covering the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas radio stations. 2015 officially launched the PUGC strategy, invited a large number of traditional radio presenters, professional sound players, as well as from the media KOL specifically for online production content. 2015 is the year of the outbreak of mobile video. From the perspective of the content, the humour type, vertical type of content development; from the observation of the user structure, the traditional hand piece, grassroots users accounted for the mainstream television transition.

video content business is the most active, both independent production companies, but also from the media small business. In September 2016, Ma Dong departure from Iqiyi founder mewe media, is a leader in the independent content production company. More from the media or personal brand of small businesses, such as relying on the creation of a short video of the popular Papi sauce, relying on interesting clips + individual speech burst red S. From 2013 6>