Do business needs to do a good job in the exhibition

display to be important, different owners will have different views, but if you as a shopkeeper, had this experience, believe that we can know the importance of display for store sales. In fact, the location of the store determines the success or failure of your business gains and losses, the location of the goods to determine the pros and cons of your sales. No goods can not be sold, just to see you are not in place to display the temptation. In fact, in a prominent position display of goods sold will be relatively fast, but also can be said to be what it is you on what to sell, or why manufacturers will provide display fees for their goods to do promotional display?

actually, the display is also a kind of invisible advertising.

a few years ago, I do not have a sense of display, which is due to small stores, shelves less, but also the conservative character of his father. Because before my staff is not enough, and the father always afraid of being advanced in age, steal my stuff, so the smoke cabinet placed in a corner stores the most remote, drink only when others have mentioned from the beverage box out.

later, the store came up with a rookie – that was me. At first, my father did not agree to change the display, I said it is a market economy, not a planned economy, my business idea is to let the goods were stolen and never let the product expired moldy. By supporting friends persuade, work out of difficulties, I will move to the central government from the corner shop cigarette. This "action" is due to several customers have to purchase cigarettes in response, they can’t see what my tobacco variety, then through one asked to buy a smoke exchange about their favorite, and therefore waste the customer and the owner of the lot of tongue as I. Customer "admonition", let me make a determination to re display.

my main business by wholesale, beverage annual sales in thousand box above, are all on the FCL wholesale to the whole country store, beverage profit was only 1 yuan, and must also provide free door-to-door service. And rely on retail drinks every year to sell less than 5 boxes, and some drinks have also been sold over the retention period.

since March this year, I put the beverage shelves and placed in the most prominent position in front of the door, every day I drink retail sales of 3 to 7 bottles. See how well the display of this course is Guan Jian.

shop opened at the beginning, my business is not as good as the next left, I will move out of the door after the sale of goods, there is a major shift. With the replacement of old and new, old left son left home after he took over the shop, will be moved out of the commodity house, business has become more and more prosperous.

display in the end there is no effect, the product sales in fact, the most able to respond to everything, but also the most convincing. On display, I appreciate the most is my white washing powder sold since the flourishing, Liby hide, I >

Anhui, Fuyang, more than entrepreneurs to witness the return of entrepreneurial venture

China has a large number of migrant workers, resulting in the lack of public service innovation in many labor export areas. Fuyang launched a number of entrepreneurial policies to encourage home business, and recognition of a number of entrepreneurial star, with the example of the strength of the entrepreneurial opportunity to return home entrepreneurship.

can be more than 400 kinds of Vegetable & Fruit city in 1 hours door-to-door distribution of "Aaron brother" Zhang Long, the small gear sales to more than and 20 countries and regions "Fisherman" Ma Jun, transfer more than 1 thousand and 800 acres of land turning back onto the road of development of modern agriculture "80" Liu Dawei…… These star studded Anhui Fuyang entrepreneurs have a common identity: migrant workers.

3 years ago, Fuyang KANGLONG Yingzhou district general manager of agricultural science and technology limited company Ouyang Jian or Shanghai famous fashion stylist, has 9 hairdressing chain stores, the annual income of nearly one million yuan. "It may be sentimentally attached to homeland also heard that the government is encouraging, home business, 2012, I am the heart to salons sell shares, return to hometown." Ouyang Jian said, at that time, there are a lot of people say that I am a fool, crazy, do a few days will be back to Shanghai".

2013, he invested about 800000 yuan, more than and 200 acres of cultivated chrysanthemum; in 2014, planting area expanded to 500 acres, invested nearly 2 million yuan to build an area of 4 acres of dried chrysanthemum plant; in 2015, planting area of nearly 800 acres, sales amounted to 8 million yuan. Seeing the size of the day by day, Ouyang Jian began to plan the next step: I applied the ‘chrysanthemum margin’ trademark, after obtaining the production license, will be able to produce high-end chrysanthemum tea, a pound can sell a few hundred dollars!"


Children’s English education to join the project how to choose

with the current people’s increasing awareness of education, education on the child’s growth, more and more parents realize that children’s future should be in line with international standards, proficient in English is the most basic condition, the English training market continued unpopular. This also provides more opportunities for the development of entrepreneurs. So for those who want to break into a world of entrepreneurs in the education industry, children’s English education how to choose the brand? Look at the following analysis:

guide 1: the initial entry into the market for the first

for many investors, engaged in the operation of children’s English training is required. If you do not understand the industry, do not understand the specific curriculum and teaching, it is difficult to carry out the work, but choose to join the investment can effectively solve these problems.

look at the current children’s English training market, only the strength of research and development, the most in line with the needs of the majority of the institutions, to be able to ultimately conquer, control this huge market. In the natural law of survival of the fittest, a large number of small English training institutions to survive difficult, or even collapse. Instead, a large number of attached to the big brands of English training institutions are doing business in full swing, and these brands are joined by these franchisees to make their own brands have been greatly promoted. From the current trend of development, the headquarters + franchisee model will become the mainstream model of future children’s English training. For investors, the children’s English class has unparalleled advantages.

guide two: how to select a large number of institutions to join the project

operation to join the project, in addition to concern about the size of the market, the social awards of these external conditions, but also as far as possible to go deep into the internal conditions of many institutions to do some understanding. As the children’s English training to join the investors, institutional research and development capabilities, the competitiveness of teaching products, the effectiveness of training, the future development potential, directly determines the future of the core earnings of investors.

as a result of English is a second language, in order to allow the child to reach the level of proficiency in communication with foreigners, improve the level of examination results, the training institutions must have a very high quality requirements. Current children’s English training institutions. Some institutions lack the strength of the R & D team, curriculum products have no their own characteristics.

in addition, due to similar teaching methods are easy to imitate, the lack of uniqueness of the product, the market will naturally decline in competitiveness, thereby affecting the future earnings of investors. Therefore, when investors choose to join the project, the core competitiveness of teaching products to become the most important thing to determine the potential of the project.

guide three: low risk, low investment, support system is an important reference factor


Granny’s business model is not easy to imitate

for business beginners, find a successful business model to follow entrepreneurship is the direct way, but in the process of pure imitation may encounter a variety of problems, resulting in failure is not possible, grandma is a very good example.

two days before a queuing hard restaurant closed. This restaurant is the new Sichuan, to open a store in community in Xiamen. Since the store lowered the price to the original 30 percent off (at the same time to buy), the store guests more up, and almost every day in line.

but then grandma in Hangzhou there have been dozens of stores.

the impression of the grandmother is this:

1, the brand is very strong: shop more, good location, decoration fashion, brand strength;

2, store location good: the general election in the main shopping malls in the first position.

note: grandma in Hangzhou will be in the office and a large area near the parking lot of the street shop shop.

3, the decoration is very fashionable: bar wind, nightclub wind, factory wind, all kinds of fashion decoration;

4, the price is very high: cheaper than the school canteen;

5, the queue is very serious: there is no row for half an hour is not a meal;

1, the rent is cheap: shopping malls in order to diversion, with a very low rent to the grandmother;

2, a particularly high over Taiwan: Taiwan 6-8 days is normal; < / recommendation

Curtain cloth shop successful operating rules recommended

curtain cloth is a very important part in the modern people Home Furnishing decoration, an industry is also relatively large market opportunities, there are a lot of people are open the curtain cloth shop, the market competition is gradually becoming fierce.

How to manage

curtain cloth shop

for consumers, always want to use the lowest price to get good products, therefore, they all love getting goods directly from manufacturers. Combined with this, the curtain cloth shop operators who can also cater to this consumer mentality, the layout of the shop to highlight the taste of the manufacturers, do not highlight the traces of middlemen.

during the opening curtain cloth shop, business combination of multiple methods can help to do better business. How to open a good curtain fabric shop in the course of business, we must be a good service attitude to meet the needs of the masses, so that customers are satisfied, so that it can better promote good business.


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How creative investment Home Furnishing whole

home market development has been very hot. Undoubtedly, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, venture investment Home Furnishing creative project, is the best choice to success!

experts concluded that China’s home market is no customer loyalty. Customers walk in each store home style so many kinds of forms, this situation, what to rely on to attract customers home stores, of course, is the characteristics of the! No features, no customer loyalty; two no publicity highlights, but also very passive.

remember, choose a project, don’t choose the one that looks perfect, and choose the one that impressed you!

creative home?

a brand has been able to grow rapidly, inseparable from the efforts of the headquarters. Choose the brand, to choose creative home! Products always walk in the forefront of the industry, constantly, for consumers to create a warm family do not feel the same, multi-purpose Home Furnishing experience, let the creative Home Furnishing into more people’s life, to open shop Home Furnishing friends brought hope, suction gold project, small investment, quick return, is the best choice for you to make money!

creative home? Not only has a high popularity, join the selection is also a lot of advantages. If you are also very interested, welcome your message advice!

What are the conditions for joining Yurun cold meat

we all know, want to succeed in business, for the choice of a good project is very important to join. How rain cold meat? Good taste, the best choice of the business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. So, the choice of business project which has joined the Yurun cold meat franchise?

Yurun cold meat joining conditions:

1, good health, no disease;

2, can bear hardships and stand hard work, enterprising spirit;

3, need to go through special training Yurun company. At present, the main competitor is "Yurun Shuanghui", "Gong" and market vendors. At present, they occupy 80% of the total market share of fresh meat, in addition to the major supermarkets fresh cabinets are also on the market to carve up.

through the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the Yurun cold meat project, is also very exciting. Quality projects, worry free business, it is worth our choice and attention!

Join the car family car beauty let your car – the whole of Da Mei

car lovers, the car is always very yearning for. Car wash car beauty? Very advantageous choice, the best choice for small business. Join the car wash car beauty? High quality entrepreneurial projects, joined the good choice!

car wash car beauty let you make money more convenient car wash people from the creation until today, it is very popular with consumers, in the industry is very few people can maintain such a level. The car new car service China people as pioneers and guides, creating a convenient door-to-door service wash times, in the year 2009 is to lead all service providers into one car decoration beauty product sales and market and occupy a space for one person. November 2009, car washing operation headquarters to determine the next five years of development planning: in the next five years, the car will be built into the Chinese car market after the advanced brand, such a popular industry, you quickly join it!

car wash car beauty?

car wash people’s car quality and beauty is not bad at all! People actually pay attention to the car wash is the consumer experience of the car, so they always do their best to wash the car clean. People began to wash his car from the maintenance and decoration, all-round development into a set of high-end high-end automotive beauty, car decoration, car maintenance, car boutique high-end high-end personalized high-end development strategy is equal to the set of car market after the connotation of business. The car people worldwide rely on the rapid development of the automotive industry and the growing population, the rapid development of the automobile service brand distinctive brand features, brand reputation and market performance has continued rising, famous popular, more proud, we welcome you to


choose to join the venture to do a good project, to choose to join the car wash car beauty? Quality projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Come and join us! Let’s get rich together!

Analysis of the advantages of bread kiss

bread kiss an assorted cakes food enterprises, was founded at the beginning up to now has been ten years, homegrown, production integration of food processing enterprises. Excellent technical team, exquisite production techniques, unique taste, welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

bread kiss join

company in the strict implementation of national food safety standards, constantly introducing new technology, innovative products, the company was established on the occasion of special master for Asia Pacific gold bread kiss to create a healthy, trendy international flavor bread and birthday cake. Since the company’s implementation of "excellent products for customers to enjoy the delicious bread in the kiss of the purpose, bread kiss to quality products, quality service, excellent quality environment requirements constantly under the requirements of the enterprise’s own progress, bread kiss will require a higher progress, a more perfect products with you. Indissoluble bound.

join advantage:

1, fresh food is the modern people’s favorite, has become a fashion trend of life. Bread is not only a unique taste of the cake, but also a handmade fresh cake, as long as you adhere to the unique flavor of the day, to gain the trust of the public, it is easy to attract consumers at all levels.

2, the amount of investment is not high, the operation is simple, the business covers an area of small, very suitable for business with a small capital doctrine.

3, do not have to cook, do not hire employees, a person can operate the unique features of the shop, to ensure that you can give the authentic bread kiss cake.

4, the system of professional training, flexible brand licensing, from the cake technology learning, cake equipment procurement, store location, product promotion, VI design, marketing planning to provide one-stop business guidance services.

5, a wealth of management experience: Bread kiss shop in Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou,, has nearly ten years of direct store management experience.

if you are tempted to leave a message to ask us more information.

City University students to create entrepreneurship workshop

is now all over the country are actively promoting the students students entrepreneurial activity, and also introduced a number of measures to help college students to complete the dream of entrepreneurship, in the area of Qingdao has set up a number of business incubators.

"Shibei District incubation base, some scattered, since this year, has integrated the business incubator 6, the average annual base above 250 college students who settled in business." Shibei District People Club bureau responsible person, the city set up 20 million yuan of public funds 10 million yuan of business development and talent development funds will support college students as one of the key. The first half of the year, the audit 1037 people 5 million 174 thousand yuan venture subsidies, an increase of 21%; the employer’s employment difficulties, social security subsidies subsidies 3235 post audit (time), an increase of 20%; accept small loans 63 million 260 thousand yuan, accounting for 26% of the city.