Everyone in the entrepreneurial team is a marketer


Leo is the co-founder of emerging sharing applications Buffer, in this article he describes the team in the marketing of a product of the truth: everyone is a product of the promoters.

at the beginning of Buffer, our team has a very clear division of labor, Joel responsible for the development, improve the work. I am responsible for the promotion, increase the number of users.

At the beginning of

, the work was normal. Later, slowly, something seems to have changed. The original division of labor, it seems that everyone is doing the same thing. Only one brain is thinking about development, operations. But that’s not how startups work. There’s no agency. In the words of Steve Blank:

a start-up company is not a big business shrink version

when we came up with these changes, we soon found out. Joel is very successful in the promotion, some places even stronger than me. So we started brainstorming to talk about propaganda, not as I did before.

now, we further generalize the full discussion on propaganda work together, however, the most important is that almost all of them speak freely, directly about their own views, and this is often very natural, from the bottom of my heart.

by virtue of the experience of the establishment of Buffer, Joel has become a very high yield writer. At the same time, my co-founder Tom began to write about the technical challenges facing Buffer and open source log

The new

such as Tom A, began with his experience to share some wonderful things, the number of users of the product is increasing at an unbelievable speed, it is now completely unexpected.

marketing is storytelling

how do you get people to support you? How do you get technical cattle to support you? What about your new user experience designer?

I believe that marketing is the core of storytelling. Each member of the group has a wonderful story. As a start-up company, received countless feedback every day, and finally it is simple to define, and this is what I want to say, Paul ·’s law

from an economic point of view, you can think of entrepreneurship as a way to put your life’s work down to a few years

all you have to do is to get the story out and get people to read, to listen, to see, to imagine all your friends sharing their stories, ~


encourages all members to create their own dance

Do Wangzhuan novice should understand! ~ ~

we should not just be limited to the two examples I give you, just to illustrate the problem, in the understanding of basic knowledge, but also know a little skill, until how to analyze the problem. Learning to live, and not die


read the dead, dead reading, reading and reading, as well as not to read! To the brain to think!

Wangzhuan the truth is actually very simple, for a long time as we all know, but in the hands of each of them is different. Similarly different, the wrong is wrong. Other people’s methods can be copied, but others can not copy. To create your own ideas.

beginners pay always, beginners should start doing toil. But toil to have a purpose, not to make money first. Study in toil, grow in toil, don’t sweat in toil! Just a day tired half to death, but no progress. Do not make money in order to toil! Do toil will never earn a lot of money


Pyramid is under the toil on the top is the monarch. Www.b8cai.com

headworker rule, labor who rule the people.

don’t come first on what LEAD, SALE, CJ, investment, dividend what, did not understand the basic problem, how can the top Yangaoshoudi, this is


novice taboo, and only slowly.

of course, if you have understanding, you can quickly come to see if you can understand. Others say the blade sharp, you can think of the blunt? Blade can cut people, the same can hit people. This is savvy. One and three, touch class and bypass. Know more about yourself.

Robin Li entrepreneurship 12 years entrepreneurial spirit to change the fate of Engineers




Bill · Gates won the world’s richest man for 18 years, who will care about windows operating system known as Windows, the actual patent belongs to the famous Xerox copier products; if Baidu did not create, who would know the basic patent search engine "Robin Li’s super chain analysis" even more than Google Page Rank two years earlier……

as the world’s largest source of technical information, patent contains world technology information from 90% to 95%, while the vast majority of engineers contains bizarre inventions as their master, as the withdrawal time become the historical background: some are permanently stored in the patent office in the papers all over the world, and "change the world" missed some are inventors; in addition to explore the achievements of its creator, elusive business empire and brand myth.

excellent engineers are not necessarily equal to the outstanding entrepreneurs, countless technical talent, the real achievement of business is only a handful. The difference is, in addition to the engineer’s talent, beating the chest is the heart of an entrepreneur.

California Silicon Valley technology was not happy

1998, the 30 year old Robin Li is the standard template of the Silicon Valley Technology California million dollars net worth, comfortable Les Loges Du Park Hotel, happy family, as the core of the engineer was the most important search engine of Infoseek company, he has a reputation in the industry, as many international conference invited speaker. However, his heart is not happy, his life seems to violate the original intention of leaving Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

a year ago, Robin Li in the road · during the tenure of the office of Jones, has successfully applied for super chain analysis patent. But as a financial company, Tao · Jones did not pay enough attention to this. "I tried to convince them that it was important, but they didn’t have much to do with the business, so they didn’t care." So he came to Infoseek. Unfortunately, due to the company’s decision will be the traditional media as the future direction of development, the lower the degree of attention more and search engine technology, 14 years ago in June 18th, a sunny day, unable to bear the loss of Infoseek to Disney, laughing, mast scull ashes to ashes.

abandon the green card to return home venture

this kind of "Miss" and "regret" is not uncommon in the raging like a storm of Silicon Valley. As in the beginning of this article, the mouse and graphical user interface two patents belong to Xerox, but instead gave the other two companies in all life like, they are called Apple, a call from Microsoft. An engineer of Xerox PARC’s words might explain why Xerox story ends: "my job is that I can create the best technology. < > >

6000 yuan started from the 7 man team to go it alone

venture a year, although a long time did not write the text, but in order to commemorate the anniversary of the day, I also want to write an article to express their surging mood.

in this year, the Internet has happened a lot of things, today suddenly found that Li Kaifu teacher had cancer, I hope to be a good health.

business for a year, this year seems to be a little dull, no film above the tragic scene, not because of starting things sad cry, no matter how proud, when to write this article, my head is out of order, so this article is no know how long, do not know whether the logical thinking, but do not know whether you understand, but I just wrote, borrow a comic character lines, today I broke out.

remember this day last year, I took only 6000 dollars, I began to dream of entrepreneurship, had resigned two months at home part-time business contacts is also good, no fishing, go out, but this is not the life I want, I want a team.

team certainly can not work at home, so I went online looking for office, later to find an intermediary, although intermediary fees, but let me save a lot of rent per month 800, signed a half year contract, because of limited funds, the landlord agreed to pay the Ruanmoyingpao season, three months rent deposit + 4000 no, the rest of more than 2 thousand, when the cost of living, then go home and let my dad to help the house to get it, 30 dollars to buy a bag of paint, wall brushing, move the desk, computer come from home some accessories, shelf Taobao buy, this kind of simple.

5811 the birth of the name

before I was a part-time, do a station called "dragon" policy, because the phone sales to customers when time our website and the name of the policy? The dragon? And some customers are not likely to Pinyin, so say the web site may not be able to remember, hair SMS people are too lazy to see, so we think the digital domain name, 5811.com.cn, with a catchy, rhyming catchy advertising language: in front of outsourcing, find 5811.


I belong to the

type introverted person, talk to strangers are not natural, but for my entrepreneurial dream, I still don’t care, job interview must speak with others, understand each other, recruitment problems I have is through the Internet to find, read a lot of articles and methods of recruitment experience.

I think some of the more important:

1, home address, people like to find a job closer to their homes, if the distance is too far, too tired to go to work, it is easy to resign.

2, character, through a simple conversation to understand the character of the person, the work is for what you can for money, but you have to let me know that you have

Entrepreneurial Excellence how to improve the entrepreneurial idea of the early stage of entrepreneu



entrepreneurs question: I wanted to start, but it is too difficult to start, I want to ask a question, if one thing you don’t contact, how to receive the challenge and do it? In other words, the idea of how to specific, from where to start planning for


answer: first my advice is not water, never learn to swim, but to the water, must first learn how to not sink. Is indeed a pity that you give up this opportunity, because there is no one to pay the tuition let you study better.


I give you the following suggestions:

if there is one thing you haven’t touched at all, how do you get the challenge and do it well?

Ans:, a company engaged in the future work, you intend to start the industry as an occupation, the company must not only by a job can be established, so have the opportunity to take positions with different work content is to learn

how to put ideas into

Ans: could not find specialized tasks to perform, so in life experience and personal experience by leaping growth, not to complete the task one or two times and complacent or not pick up this task, but as long as there is the opportunity to undertake, because the business world is not fair at all, if you later business, for your project that Terry Gou is very interested in, you start to seize the market slightly thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, how do you confront him? This is the reality of the business world, if Terry Gou did not see you, unless your project has no value or no competitiveness, your enemy is your reaction, the strength of.

Where does

start planning?

Ans: and big 10 years old friends, they can give you a lot of useful advice, whether it is work and life planning.

finally, at any time be ready to kill, this is a very practical reality, when one day later put a knife to your neck, you have to surrender? X? Or before it will be the enemy army? You put a knife to the enemy general general as if the head? The army, the most important thing, not to win, but to let everyone can live to win, you have to remember that every one who died, they want to live for 20 years to grow to 20 years old, those people behind you find here, regardless of loyalty and not force than people have been killed to good to start, had better be broken and start to success may be able to rely on luck, but if one day luck success had not luck success, that is when the hour has come, the most A war victory, and the winner is usually.


A5 Trading Forum I experience with my job


I am

from the beginning of August the beginning of my life in the A5 forum Witkey transactions, today let me in the A5 Adsense nets and share my experience with my guest.

can be said in August this year, I am very sad because I was through the years, the operation of hard beauty website by Baidu K, I lost faith, once alone into the loneliness, helplessness and wandering, but I did not stop the global A5 forum, when standing before they do occasionally to send abroad what the chain, but the site was K, I also reluctant to give up at once, and then in the A5 Adsense nets to see other webmasters to share experiences, observed trends in the A5 forum webmaster. So sometimes all day soak in A5 webmaster nets. This bubble a few days later, I found his own business in A5, A5 trading I received some of the list, did not expect a few easy list to earn money, so I found the taste of the money in A5, and full of confidence, perhaps in the A5 to make my life again the starting point.

I had a beauty station, Chinaz station Webmaster Tools query Baidu weight 4, Google PR4, Baidu alliance and other sites in addition to advertising, also have 2, 3 thousand of the monthly income, others may look for thousands of yuan is not what, but I have to meet, at least this is all I have got in return because the site, back and forth, a little bit of all I finish. In June, I was very happy and very worried, especially in June 22nd, 28, happy to be on the rise of their own website, worried about the discovery of competitors’ sites are Baidu K. July is very ordinary, not what event, but I have a hunch, because the station snapshot sometimes turns into day 1 hours ago, the main keywords ranking began to change, when the query in the first morning afternoon, ran to second pages. Site traffic began to be unstable, Baidu union revenue is shrinking. My heart began to restless, so restless in August finally have a very bitter and let my tears, my site is Baidu K, find K station complaints? Why? One is confused, and his halo.

The first feeling

sites have been K to me is very messy, very anxious, but remind yourself calm, but as I like a single-handed small webmaster, sick TouYi, so I to contact the Baidu K recovery station master, trying to make their sites restored, but not always I also analyzed the recovery, the times did not what way, website content 80% of the original 20%, the original is false, I never reprint or direct copy site outside the chain to the forum, usually also submitted to the soft place, blog and website directory, I have selected high weight, related to. But Baidu K my station, I have what reason to who? I was anxious to find the case, Baidu and Baidu want to contact my reasoning, also complained of no use, like Baidu mail, and even hit Baidu

2009 the most complete way to make money online

talk about the way to make money on the Internet, which can be too much, here I would like to make the following:

my http://www.ruanjianpojie.com/ please do not delete the “


1, online blog to make money

this should be said that a lot of people know, I do not want to say more, but the success of the need to adhere to a longer time, unless you are very NB.

2, online shop to make money

this needless to say, Taobao earth people are aware of the site, and now Baidu to join them, so we shop and a choice.

3, online survey to make money


is also very good understanding, some companies involved in the investigation, the company acquired the data you want, you earn RMB, each one takes what he needs, is also very good understanding.

4, hang QQ make money

what is called QQ, and more, hanging QQ chat rooms, dating center, personal signature, detailed information, etc., where people can hang up advertising, someone can come to make money. The same can be applied in UC, MSN and other software.

5, contribute money

online submission, the postage is quick, an article can also cast a number. This article will not write, find someone else to change, put all sorts of things together on the line, very simple and convenient.

6, bidding to make money

is to spend some money to buy advertising, selling products, to achieve the difference on the line. The auction can go to the Baidu alliance, Google Union, Ali mother, another form of bidding is to buy website advertising, the effect is similar, the key is to look at the conversion rate, high conversion rate, product burst Lee, then you will be rich.

7, then the task to make money

if you have a little bit of expertise, then go to the task of such a site to do live contact bar, it is very enjoyable, as long as you have enough features, a few thousand dollars a month is not a problem.

8, online hype money

does not understand what is speculation, is abusive and deceptive, holding people…… Of course, people here can be specific people, can also be a certain thing or company. That is, to help people in the network hype, but the premise is that you can contact the circle of characters, so as to be able to get live.

9, pull the line to make money

this model will never fail, but the money will always be the first to join those who can only be added to the other people to pave the way for the


10, SEO money

SEO is the search engine optimization, you can earn a lot of this, the premise is that you have enough cattle. Of course, if you do not cattle, but luck is very good, then use the blog to play a little keyword repetition, such as the low-level

Those things I started in Taobao

I was interviewed, excited, reporters after me, I felt the story is so inspiring, so to write something to share with you.

I was a petty youth in the Taobao shop, commonly known as the shopkeeper, in fact we all know, open shop it, but also really is a coincidence. The university I sleep in the upper brothers home socks factory, the University 4 years have not seen him washed socks are worn after throwing, practice when we’re together, rely on their family resources, our own business, we first take my scholarship in the school the door to find a bra shop a counter selling socks, insisted for three months, we are not lucky, like many entrepreneurs have also failed to lose money, the sale will not be done, we do poineering work for the first time will stop time.

time soon, we do not want to how to continue to do business, we have graduated. I live with my brother on the upper deck had to terminate the business plan, but we have to go back to each of the families to find the mother.

returned home, find a local Internet company, middle income, the family can barely seal the garrulous mouth. This seems to be a lot of college graduates and the paper is very similar to it, no way, who let our generation of employment pressure so much?. The advantage of working in a network company is to learn new things on the Internet every day, which is what I did not pay attention to before.

months of classes, and colleagues are gradually familiar, it was learned from them, they are usually nothing to open his own shop from Taobao, a Alibaba to find sources and then sell, but don’t make a lot of money supply, is the fundamental problem, there is a store credit low.

by my colleagues do, I began to play the game of their spare time span to understand the relevant information on the Taobao shop. My mother said I changed too fast, I feel like to engage in any industry, it is necessary to get to know him and then start again, or suffer the loss of your own.

all know, I decided to buy a special sale of socks on Tmall, Taobao in the online shop, for me, the supply is not a problem, I lay brothers home socks factory still, let him help me the processing on a phone call to him after that, things settle down the. We still have feelings for selling socks. As the saying goes from the pick up where I left off, I wanted to earn first pot of gold of life from the socks.

fix after the search for the right sources, Tmall sock shop in the major sites, several were compared, then choose the A5 online trading platform (http://tao.admin5.com/) to buy, I often see colleagues on the A5 forum, the colleagues learned that A5 is safe, so choose A5 shop platform. A5 procedures such as the transfer of the company’s staff to help deal with, and feel very convenient, and soon got his dream of Tmall.

< >

Deutsche Bank 2006 global report online advertising is the most efficient marketing channels

Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) published a report on June 8, 2006, said that the network advertising investment efficiency ranked first in all advertising channels, its investment benefit is second (newspaper) nearly three times.

Deutsche Bank

At present the most popular

to search keywords is the main technique of precision marketing, advertising will transmit the information to the user to accept.

NarrowAD is through content, region and user analysis advertising to the user location.

the first domestic see text advertising technology is a new technology of special note this precision marketing trends, the technology mainly has the following highlights:

through intelligent positioning technology, accurate advertising will hit the target population. According to Vogate Media, most of the time Internet users are reading news, articles or blog; Web content real-time analysis of text ads, the specific keyword autotagging, the content of the article is to read the advertising placement in moderate users (attention to eyes), let the site all of the content of the text can be reached with more closely related merchandise, advertising, event information, advertisers can use the most;

Wangzhuan the road I will be how to go down

my age is not too short, that was when I was in my sophomore year 97, relatively high at the time of the computer configuration or Pentium two, common memory or 32M, most of Chinese also had almost absolutely ignorant of the network, an email will feel very proud, at that time, I will start the Internet course.

arrived in December 2004, often feel very boring, chat is a waste of time, what to say and do not know a person, articulate in life I should count on, but to QQ, do not know what, I also did not expect to meet girls through QQ, life I do not lack specific moisture, until now, the slowest record chasing girls or 11 days. (I don’t blow a cow – loss oh) later, I only use a notebook to download movies home as I surf the Internet only to.

in there today, in the open directory to see the movie the wisdom network advertising, what "wearing pajamas also can make money", "monthly income of tens of thousands of you can do it too", I look at the ads, feel there is a certain truth, think through their own efforts, can also be a monthly income of million or more, a hot head, to do a bank card, and opened an online bank, give yourself on the line to remit 50 yuan, owns its own propaganda page. After a month, found not as imagined easy money, no one to pull off the assembly line, but also waste a lot of time, not a penny earned, I worried! And a lot of people, I was brought into the world wisdom net Wangzhuan, ha ha.

later made an investment in the rest of the day, a lot of time don’t know what to do, only to learn, start from the most basic PTC, was not MYPTC this tool, so only use the English version of PTC, then gradually extended to CPTC, finally have a genuine MYPTC, with tools I use the registered influence, pulled some offline do click, click on the feeling now is the most suitable for the novice to do, does not require any technical tools can fix only.

Do Wangzhuan

for several years, is now in a period of confusion, I will be and what technologies are too few, in addition to the use of click Tools, remind the tool but I have other what will not. Wangzhuan the road I will be how to go? Why there are so many people rushed Wangzhuan money? We are wasting time and feelings from www.money126.com