Employment poverty alleviation service Anhui action

in our life while some of the city’s economic development is good, but still some of the city’s economic development is lagging behind, so large positive increase employment in poor areas, is an important measure to improve economic conditions in poor areas. October 27th, Anhui in 2016, employment poverty alleviation service docking (Hefei · Lu’an) special recruitment will be held in Jinzhai.

if you see this message, but also the needs of this area, then quickly register it, a lot of high-quality enterprises waiting for you! The recruitment will be a collection of Hefei City, Lu’an City, Jinzhai County, 67 household units and provincial and municipal poverty alleviation employment base, Qiaqia food, GREE electric, MeiLing electric and other high-quality companies, providing a total of more than 6 thousand and 200 suitable for poor rural employment posts for the majority of job seekers. There are operators, assemblers, loaders, general workers, security guards, such as catering waiter for the rural poor workers and labor units of two-way choice.

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Great prospects for the development of baby stores

  military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace? Many successful entrepreneurs is through their own exploration to today’s success, want to get rich friends, now let me introduce the most profitable projects, baby supplies store, its huge prospects for development, is a good target of entrepreneurship.

however, the baby products market potential is very busy though, but investors to join or establish their own a baby shop, still have to pay attention to some strategies. Experts pointed out that, although more similar stores, but compared to the grade, so that the young parents are not satisfied with the store is not much. After all, the baby buyer is not a baby, but his parents. Therefore, we should pay attention to the name of the store, pricing, decoration style, product features and so can cater to the preferences of young parents, business opportunities or some

Dr. Hubei was admitted to the test can get 60 thousand yuan

2016 graduate exam is over, during the exam, a Hubei doctor was arrested because of. At present, the suspects have been detained or released on bail pending further treatment.

the penalty for cheating, the 2016 national graduate entrance examination called the history of the most stringent "draft, however, there are still people who commit crimes against the wind. Reporters today from the Huangshi Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the city destroyed an organization to participate in the 2016 study of fraud gang in Hubei.


Yanmou account, he is a doctor in a hospital of Daye City, the master found during the training can "make money", so the use of related matters training for others, so he quit his job in 2013, had the operation doctor qualification certificate training.

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2017 opened a restaurant franchise need to pay attention to what

in China’s food and beverage industry what kind of entrepreneurial form is the most popular, is undoubtedly joined. Food and beverage industry is now a very popular trend, more and more people are beginning to open a variety of food and beverage stores, then join the restaurant to have what to pay attention to it?

2017 years to open a restaurant franchise need to pay attention to what?

a, taste

this is one of the core of the catering shop shop, your taste is not sure, consumers do not buy it, in general, food and beverage brands will have their own signs, no matter what taste, taste here is mainly to combine local consumer habits, whether to join the brand of food conform to local tastes.

two, popular

This is a

shop catering boss pays great attention to the flow of people in a place is, objectively determines how many people in your restaurant, many shop boss are very focused on the surrounding popularity, no people do not shop.

three, site

is the location of life and death in the catering industry jargon, catering boss how to choose a good address, in fact there is a lot of learning, which requires the restaurant owner to go to school, master the basic skills of the site, will choose a suitable store.

four, to understand the food and beverage franchise brand

Prior to joining

for catering brand products, service, reputation and other aspects to study, have a very clear understanding of the brand, blindly choose to join the brand, will only fall into the trap of others, so join must be optimistic about the brand.

above is to join the restaurant need to pay attention to, I hope you can pay attention to food and beverage boss.

26 entrepreneurial Nanjing talent plan freshly baked

2016, China is about to enter the thirteenth "Five Year Plan", a new round of construction and development programs have been released. Nanjing launched 26 "venture in Nanjing" talent plan, "13th Five-Year" during a customer business confidence.

"13th Five-Year" is about to open on the occasion, Nanjing launched 26 "venture in Nanjing" talent plan, proposed a package of policy measures in support of innovative entrepreneurial talent. After the launch of the Nanjing talent plan, the university has aroused strong concern, has become a hot word". For students who have a passion for entrepreneurship, with an upgraded version of the talent program, they are more confident in the business in Nanjing.

"the Nanjing city for college students venture funds to support efforts to further increase the" initial funding "increased from 100 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan, I believe that this initiative will help students more go down this road in the entrepreneurial firm." Kan Yilong said, compared with the overseas high-tech talent, research from the school had come from students, students may not have technical advantages, but they are willing to endure hardship, willing to study, in practice the process may produce more ideas, bring business and social value, contribute to the development of Nanjing.

"Nanjing city" in seven on the basis of entrepreneurship policy ", the introduction of 26 new talent, coincides with the" 12th Five-Year "ending," 13th Five-Year "start in the critical period of great significance."   Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of Nanjing University of Technology, Huang Wei believes that the new deal, precise positioning, tight recommendation

6 kinds of drinking water was detected in a number of well-known enterprises list

      National Quality Inspection Administration recently released bottles (barrels) with sampling results of drinking water quality, including 6 kinds of drinking water were detected to contain high concentrations of carcinogen bromate, Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory of six well-known enterprises such as the production of "pure pure" alkaline drinking water, Inner Mongolia "King" friends desert water quality on the list, shocking.

12th Five-Year, China’s newly registered entrepreneurial enterprises over 1000

Although the "

13th Five-Year" period of innovation and entrepreneurship is still an important job, but have to say "12th Five-Year" during the period of innovation and entrepreneurship created brilliant achievements. In 12th Five-Year, China’s newly registered venture enterprises on more than 1000.

"12th Five-Year" period, China’s efforts to create a relaxed environment equal access to public business, from the full implementation of the registered capital of the registration system reform to promote the first photo card "three in one" registration system reform, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

More than 1000 000

"12th Five-Year" period, our country by promoting a series of reforms to greatly stimulate the vitality of enterprises, the number of market players increased significantly, the formation of new energy economic development, become the new engine of economic development.

reform to stimulate the vitality of enterprises

cellsThis year’s

"12th Five-Year" period, entrepreneurial companies such as the economic Chinese meow planet become the freshest and most active cells.


Bank of Beijing launched the first life of college student loans

the new college students will start the work of entrepreneurship, in order to further help the smooth start of the Beijing College students. Bank of Beijing is now launched college students venture loans to solve the problem of college students entrepreneurship.

Compared with the

in the current number of policies to encourage assistance, student entrepreneurs are in a favorable period, various funds and policy support Everfount. Believe that now is the best opportunity for college students to start a business.

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Female entrepreneurs should be alert to these entrepreneurial crisis

is now in the community, there are many successful entrepreneurial women, they have become a strong woman. Who says rich men are men? Not long ago, ranked Hurun rich list 2006 new list of the first is actually a woman rich, while the list of female billionaires has reached up to 35. And most of these list of female billionaires are self-made entrepreneurs.

is being held in the "women’s development and participate in the Shanghai International Economic Forum, many experts sighed: a wealth of female era is coming. The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences survey shows that 25% of the unemployed or divorced women entrepreneurs, experts call for the creation of a better family and social development environment for female entrepreneurs.

"business", for women is not only strange, many people have happiness within. In the United States, according to the latest survey, the income earner family of husband and wife is equal to or more than their husbands has accounted for nearly 45%. In the UK, according to a new survey, the number of women in some of the world’s richest women is close to or even more than men, so the British media issued a cry of surprise: lipstick is more than a long beard!

Analysis of

– that women in business is restless".

– some in the child, his wife do not want to give up the cause, the husband divorced.

– female entrepreneurship is the traditional gender roles of the challenge, the wife worth up times, pull big difference > with her husband.

Do not go out can also start a business at home to recommend a good project

maybe you are a full-time mother, perhaps you have not found a suitable job for the unemployed, you can also have their own entrepreneurial dream. Can not go out to start a business? Can you start a business at home? Certainly. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a number of good projects at home business.


General after formal training, only half a month’s time to master this technology, tuition is only 2000 yuan. You are ready to 2-3 million in start-up capital plus, including a dry hand care, nail sticker, color ink-jet printing, hand-painted patterns and other business projects Manicure center will be able to successfully build up. 1) the initial one-time investment of equipment (phototherapy machine, drying machine, hand basin, etc.) about 1200 yuan; 2) monthly expenses: 1000 yuan Manicure materials; 3) rent: several thousand yuan to 10000 yuan; 4): according to the general performance of flexible artificial percentage; 5) monthly income: Net income. Million yuan.


green food