Price adjustment on the first day of the public calm treatment

is the first day of January 15th, fare adjustments in our city, the day early in the morning, reporters in Nanchuan Road No. 71 of the taxi meter testing center to see, here in order, at least a few minutes more than a few minutes, car a taxi meter will be installed debugging success, then the taxi driver can operate on the road.
15, 9, reporters in the province of Taximeter measuring center to see the door beside the road early lined waiting for adjustment of taximeter, yunguanchu inspection team of law enforcement officers and Rita dealers staff to maintain order at the scene and was the driver of the number issued. Enter the test center, here was divided into the waiting area, loading table area, collection and adjustment, in order to adjust the taxi meter in place as soon as possible, province Metrology Department also deployed 30 people to the scene to maintain order and office. Get the number of taxi drivers in charge of their own meter will be removed, the staff through the debugging, testing and other steps will soon be able to adjust the meter in place.
the public to accept the new price on the 15 day of the taxi tariff adjustment issue, people are very calm. Ms Wang said, by reading the "Xining Evening News", she and her family, friends and colleagues are aware of the taxi tariff adjustment issue, for the 15 day some 8 yuan taxi start, some taxi 6 yuan started still did not feel surprised, that can accept. Zhang also said the public, the first day of the 15 price adjustment, the road did not reduce the operation of the taxi, he did not run into the taxi driver without price increases, he rose to $8 starting price is also recognized.


Xining’s largest government procurement project finalized

in order to improve the public transport environment in Xining, to facilitate the general public to travel, the City Finance Bureau for the first time using government procurement open tender procurement bus. At present, the project bidding work has been fully closed, through open and fair bidding, a total procurement of green bus 612, the total project budget amounted to 189 million 680 thousand yuan, saving 2 million 286 thousand yuan of financial funds, savings rate of 1.2%. According to reports, this is the city’s largest government procurement projects.

it is reported that the successful bid for all goods in line with energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and other conditions of natural gas buses, 612 green buses will become a beautiful landscape on the streets of Xining. The purchase of environmental protection bus is an important embodiment of the government procurement to play policy functions, strengthen the concept of green consumption, advocate green lifestyle, and actively respond to the national energy conservation and environmental policy ideas. The purchase of short time, high efficiency, obtained favorable comments from various departments, the procurement unit said the government procurement not only to build a bridge for both supply and demand, to provide high quality and low price for the bus purchase unit, but also provides a fair competition opportunity, more so as to enable the public to enjoy the real affordable. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)

The implementation of the parasite charity charity action medical assistance projects in our provinc

recently, Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital Establishment of medical team to the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture banma County, dari county and Gande County etc. province hydatid disease disaster area, the masses to carry out middle hydatid disease screening. A total of more than and 170 people diagnosed patients, patients with hydatid disease of 130 people, set up a screening of more than and 130 copies of files, create the conditions for the rapid and effective treatment of patients, this is also the province of "poor patients with hydatid disease with" a silhouette, in September this year, our province, the implementation of "charity charity action medical parasite" relief projects, solve problems for the poor families of hydatid disease patients".

it is understood that the Qinghai province "charity charity parasite action" medical assistance project by the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Charity Federation and Qinghai welfare charity hospital in the province to carry out. To aid poor families with hydatid disease with Qinghai hukou, including liver hydatid disease relief, abdominal echinococcosis, pelvic hydatid, spleen, lung and brain hydatid hydatid hydatid disease, bone hydatid and multiple organ mixed hydatid, the implementation period from 2016 to 2020.

in the implementation of the project, to create a poor family of hydatid disease in the medical screening rescue mode, Qinghai welfare charity hospital established the medical team, to provide free screening for patients with hydatid disease of poor families in the 39 class and two class of hydatid disease epidemic County, provide the basis for determining the relief object; hospital for patients with poor families of hydatid disease treated by surgery medical expenses and hospitalization, zero burden of medical assistance, and funding per patient rehabilitation nutrition fees and transportation costs two thousand yuan, a year of 300 to 400 rescue object.


Xi Jinping stressed that the decision to start the process

The central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group held its second meeting   – the task of reform efforts to get rid of institutional barriers to   – all major reforms have legal basis to ensure the rule of law reform on trackXinhua news agency, Beijing, February 28

  General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, the central comprehensive deepening reform group leader Xi Jinping presided over the afternoon of February 28th comprehensively deepen reform of the central leading group of the second meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the full completion of the party’s reform tasks identified in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee there are 7 years. Decision to start the process. How to grasp the work this year, a good start, a good bureau of great significance. Should carry it out as the focus of reform work, solid work, steady hoof walked quickly, to ensure effectiveness.

member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Li Keqiang, deputy director of the central leading group for comprehensive deepening reform, Liu Yunshan, attended the meeting in.

Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech, the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group held its first meeting, the regional departments have done a lot of work. Most provinces and municipalities issued a comprehensive deepening of reform on the implementation of the decision or the division of ideas and programs, the task of reform in the region of the project, the decomposition of responsibility. Relevant departments of the central and state organs in charge of actively planning reforms, in accordance with the leading group clearly important reform initiatives division plan, pay close attention to the reform task list, a clear schedule and results form. The reform tasks can adhere to the major issues affecting the economic and social development oriented, based on the bottleneck of economic and social development constraints, the masses strongly reflect the outstanding issues, efforts to get rid of institutional barriers.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the meeting examined and adopted the "central" outline of comprehensive deepening of reform leading group in 2014, a clear mandate and focus of this reform, to make clear responsibility itemized task unit, determine the main points of the responsible person, the time schedule. The relevant departments of the central and state organs to combine the main points of "the central authorities implement the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee" decided to "plan" an important measure division of tasks to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and further strengthen the responsibility, clear division of labor, identify the focus of work, results presented testable form and schedule arrangement. The reform measures have been introduced, we must strengthen the understanding of tracking, timely sum up experience, solve problems, gong;

Wang Yubo focus on fire prevention

the afternoon of February 22nd, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor, Liu Tianhai Municipal Public Security Bureau in-depth cross underground commercial street, Chengzhong District, Xining public security fire brigade fire brigade secret brigade, fire safety inspection, fire officers and soldiers condolences. "Firmly establish the concept of prevention and elimination of important!" Wang Yubo hope that all the fire officers and all levels of government, social units, people must put the fire safety as a major job, carrying out the fire responsibility, enhance the ability of fire, "thought and important work to tight, but the real reality, measures to be fine and thin, a little slack, a little relaxed, a little careless."

grand underground commercial street fire safety tips People are hurrying to and fro. everywhere, and fire facilities. Wang Yubo and his entourage checked with the fire fighting equipment is intact, the fire channel is expedite, fire monitoring records are comprehensive, use of fire fighting equipment businesses and fire mastery, "four abilities" content and fire responsibility were asked about the commercial street, a security guard. Wang Yubo wants to fire the underground commercial street as top priority unremittingly, and constantly improve the comprehensive management level, to build a civilized and orderly health, underground shopping mall, to the masses to provide a comfortable and satisfying shopping environment.

in the city district public security fire brigade, Xining fire brigade secret service battalion, Wang Yubo shook hands with the fire brigade, and on behalf of the municipal government to extend their condolences and heartfelt thanks to them. Wang Yubo said, it is the fire officers and soldiers to sacrifice a small home, the city can have peace and harmony. The city’s fire department to further increase the fire protection work of propaganda, organization, guidance, supervision, improve the service to the people’s consciousness, management ability is in accordance with the law, civil society organizations, enterprises, to provide more excellent and convenient services.

to fire safety work, Wang Yubo requirements, local government, fire department, social units and the masses of the people to jointly promote the local government to increase efforts to improve the conditions of the fire equipment in whatever circumstances; each unit of society to implement all aspects of the civil liability of fire; to further strengthen the awareness of fire safety. Wang Yubo stressed the need to firmly establish an important concept of prevention than consumption, focusing on prevention, the investigation of fire hazards, to eliminate the good. In the implementation of the fire responsibility to every aspect, every department, every aspect of the same time, but also to improve the allocation of fire facilities as a social responsibility in place.

, Wang Yubo hope the city fire officers and soldiers continue to carry forward the fine tradition of maintaining "iron" color, from thought, organization, equipment, security, enhance fire relief capacity level, to protect the safety of the construction and life of the city, the city of happiness and make new contributions. (author: Sheng Nan)

Bubble cake can also do poineering work

food has a certain shelf life, while the shop to do business often requires some samples to attract consumers. This time you need to use innovative materials to create suck eye samples. The cake made of foam is born this way.

Kimberley (KimberlyAya)

is showing her cake Aya began to design talent in the wedding exhibition, she soon had a creative. Although the majority of exhibitors will be just as fake cake display, Aya is aware of a considerable number of love actually is the false bride cake shape. A few months later, she turned her wonderful idea into a business and set up FunCakesrental. "I don’t do is true or fake cake cake," the 52 year old Ayatollah said, "as long as I can decorate it, because this is my love."

Through the use of

2009 sales are expected to be $1 million 200 thousand. Aya is busy started to carry out the plan by the end of the franchise in the United states. "I am a person willing to work every day, absolute love," Ayatollah said, "I am very lucky."

model is the role of food in order to attract more consumers, if can the creative business to good use, also can make many entrepreneurs believe that the wealth of the future, is very important to grasp the business opportunities.


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Datong County, live satellite public service Village through the project has been completed at the c

from the beginning of May this year, Datong County Radio and Television Bureau actively strive for the provincial radio and Television Bureau, live satellite public service Village project 5500 sets, the project funds of up to 3 million 300 thousand yuan, has been successfully completed. 5500 households in rural areas will be able to listen to the sound of the sound, clear image of the 51 sets of television programs and 25 sets of radio programs.

8 15, the establishment of County Radio and Television Bureau Inspection Team, take access to the electronic archives, the field view of project implementation, the project involves 15 towns and 26 villages in the "direct broadcast satellite receiver" landing, for a period of three days of inspection and acceptance. Through inspection and acceptance, Datong County, 5500 live satellite receiver has been installed in place, but there are still some township archives are not standardized, the installation does not meet the technical standards and other issues. To this end, the Datong County Radio and Television Bureau issued a rectification notice, clear the specific rectification of the relevant content of the township, the deadline for rectification, in order to meet the provincial and national inspection and preparation.


How to improve the success of cosmetics franchise

now society, there are many cosmetics shops, but also more intense market competition the beauty industry, especially in the shop business, pay attention to the customer experience, enhance the popularity and success can be profitable, so how do these all the minor details of service?

A, for a cosmetics brand stores the details of the service, first of all should be reflected in the people-oriented, every customer into the store as a friend, let him trust you to sell yourself, understand is far more important than selling products. If a customer has a sense of trust in you, you will naturally trust the products you recommend. Therefore, to obtain customer trust, is the primary purpose of service. For example: remember the name of each customer, as long as the shop customers, we must try to remember their names. If the customer in the store, you can call his name, it would make him feel very cordial, and feel valued. This is a sudden narrowing of the distance between you and him.

two, no matter what business shop, courteous welcome the arrival of customers, it is necessary to store. Moreover, with a warm greeting and natural smile, as well as to the customer suggestions, patience to help them test, etc., do a good job in the details of the service, will give the customer a cordial, warm and attention. A great boost to sales.

three, to understand the service consciousness is always higher than the sales professional. Because service awareness and smile can make up for the lack of professional sales and shortcomings. Because customers may be more professional than we do not know. However, only professional knowledge can not make up for the shortcomings of the service.

four, not too warm, not too cold, the service should be moderate and not cause customer dissatisfaction. After the completion of the sale, to leave enough time for customers to think. To grasp the degree of service.

five, the location is not good for some cosmetics, to set up the guidance system. But also a lot of support for the brand to join the publicity support. Do all kinds of activities, the accumulation of customer resources, so that each into the store customers have become old customers, repeat customers. And not just do it once.

actually operates in the process of cosmetics shop, want to operate successfully in the vast number of customers who pay attention to the point of view, to experience the product and service is very important. In this competitive society, the hardware is not strong enough, to add software services, will make the road more long-term management.


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